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    always liked newcastle and there fans thats why we`re coming done and i think it will be a good game wasnt gonna come down for a doncaster match
  2. friends

    bigotry never were just bringing a big union jack for in the ground is that bigoted
  3. friends

    yer theres always 1 eh ud think they would try and help out ppl coming to support there team rather than send them to gay bars real big of him is there any like actual newcastle supporter clubs like we have up here for rangers and smelltic
  4. friends

    is the black bull still open remember wee taken that over few years ago cant wait get into these scumbags TOON ARMY
  5. friends

    there are 7 of us coming down for the cardiff match from glasgow (rangers) where is the best places to go before and after the match w alsohavea few big flags that we`re bringing down would we get them in the ground etc just thought we`d give the toon army a little extra support after the carnival we had a few years back pre season TOON ARMY

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