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  1. Yeah that was there during the Fulham game since they literally brought about 400 fans.
  2. Born 03/11/1991. Lost 2-1 away to Swindon Town on 2nd.
  3. It didn't do Tim Krul any harm being sent up there.
  4. Absolutely outstanding today. The best player on the park by a long way!
  5. Hopefully this will mean we get a decent lump of cash off Villa.
  6. Yawwwwwwwwwn. Shut up the pair of you.
  7. So beat these and we could well go up vs Peterborough, if Bristol City do us a favour against Forest. I'm off down to that one, that would be fantastic! On the terraces aswell, will feel like the old days
  8. Reformed club. Failing that then Newcastle Benfield I suppose.
  9. I quite like Robbie Keane, but i'm not sure a 30+ striker on high wages will be the sort of thing we are looking for to stay in the Premiership. No matter what the general opinion on Hughton's abilities as a Premiership manager I think most people would have to admit it would be incredibley harsh not to give him at least half a season to see what he can do.
  10. I'd love to know what Obafemi Martins said during that meeting...
  11. He came bottom of the Premier League with West Brom, and has done awfully with Celtic. He was alright with Hibs but it hardly qualifies him to be in a better situation than Hughton to keep us up next season IMO.
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