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  1. Pictured at the match on Saturday...

    As has been mentioned on another board, it looks to me like the guy at the match is Guinean striker Ismael Bangoura:
  2. 3 rules in Sam's contract...

    No contact with son.
  3. New home shirt

  4. Real will not extend David Beckham's contract

    yes, but LA is really a shit place. I hate all those "I just work in MacDonald's, but my mummy told me I'm special so I've come to LA to become a star" wankers..... In all honesty, I'd much rather live in Newcastle.
  5. Real will not extend David Beckham's contract

    If I were Beckham, I'd leave the MLS for a good few years yet. He's still too good / young to waste his talents in that league right now. I'd have him in a second at NUFC, not least because of the money he would generate for the club. Don't think he'd come, though.....
  6. Souness to buy wolves ?!?

    Their fans must be delighted...... link
  7. Anthony Stokes

    Charlton were the only Premiership side that wanted anything to do with him. Arsenal were perfectly happy to let him go. The reaction of Sunderland fans to this signing, only underlines what a joke the club has become. You're acting as if you've signed Ronaldinho; as the rest of England (Charlton fans included) looks on in complete indifference..
  8. Emre to face FA investigation

    Innocent until proven guilty, but if that guilt IS proven in terms of racist abuse, I hope he fu*ks off ASAP. We've just got rid of Bowyer; don't need another racist twat in Black & white, thanks....
  9. 'merica

    Used to live in both Manhattan and Las Vegas - currently live in New Orleans. I might be biased, but I reckon all 3 are absolute musts. NYC is, for me, one of the best, most exciting places I've ever been. The place just has a certain energy that's difficult to describe, but very intoxicating. Expensive compared to the rest of the USA, but make the most of the exchange rate & stay somewhere really nice. Vegas is a crazy place; I lived there for 2 years and had a great time. Ridiculous hotels, amazing bars & clubs & restaurants. Yes, it's crazy hot outside for a geordie, but you probably won't ever be anywhere that isn't air-conditioned. One of those places you just have to see to believe. Try to arrive at night, stay at one of the better hotels (Hard Rock, Bellagio, Wynn resort, 4 seasons etc.) and get a room with a strip view. New Orleans is also an incredible place. Don't be too put off by hurricane Katrina - nearly all the parts you'll most likely visit - The French Quarter, The Garden District, Uptown etc., were luckily spared by the worst effects of Katrina & have been up and running for some time now. An extremely beautiful city, with incredible amounts of character, great food & music and gorgeous architecture. Whereas most American cities resemble each other, New Orleans is a true original which can hold its own with the great, historic European Cities. Oh, and whatever you do, DO NOT fu*k with ANY authority figures in the USA. From the immigration people to the Police, you will not find a sense of humour and will instead inevitably encounter a Napoleonic complex desperate to ruin your day / week / year. I have been married to an American for 3 years, have a kid, run my own successful business....and still nearly get sent back every time I fly into the USA. I was also sent to jail for 8 hours (New Orleans central lock-up...I was the only non-gang member out of 27 people in a single cell with a toilet in the middle.....and the only whitey) for throwing a cigarette out of my car window. You have been warned
  10. Newcastle to win

    Apologies to all those who got their knickers in a twist because they thought I was 'having a go at the fans' - on the contrary, I was just trying to get excited about the match. Anyway, I wasn't as far off with my prediction as some of you thought I'd be; although in hindsight my 'canny feeling' may have just been pissedness Disclaimer : As the username may indicate, this poster does not currently go to all the matches and therefore all views and opinions expressed above are worthless and irrelevant.
  11. Newcastle to win

    Can't believe some of the negativity on here regarding the Chelsea game today. I've just got a canny feeling about it - Martins will be desperate to continue his recent form & Chelsea are going into it far too complacently; as Mourinho's comments this week prove. Mark my words - Toon win 2-1. AND it's all live on TV over here, for those in the USA. Howay the lads!
  12. Shit pub anyway!

    I haven't been for a couple of years, but it was always one of my favourites in Newcastle. Had a mint jukebox, IIRC, & at least it was different from the usual chain pub bollocks.... I believe the jukebox is touted as "officially the best jukebox in newcastle" sounds about right. only place in toon i know that has (had?) sly stone's 'family affair' . pure class.
  13. Shit pub anyway!

    I haven't been for a couple of years, but it was always one of my favourites in Newcastle. Had a mint jukebox, IIRC, & at least it was different from the usual chain pub bollocks....
  14. Phone Dialling codes

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