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  1. Great North Run 2011

    What time did people finish this in? I managed 2:15 which I'm a bit gutted with because I really wanted to break the 2 hour mark.
  2. Let's all laugh at Sunderland (once again)

    I wonder why they felt the need to do it at night when there was nobody around? I also wonder if they know that there is no need for the comma and that the use of an apostrophe has changed the meaning of their sentence.
  3. Bruce plans the song for full time

    It is a derby, blatantly just a bit of banter to get both sets of fans excited for the game. They were beaten by a mile at St James’ and the song was a bit of banter no different from this. I would prefer this then some pathetic statement from him saying if they won they would be dignified. If anything he is being the bigger man accepting the banter from last time and acknowledging that it is a big game and bragging rights are worth just as much if not more than the points.

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