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  1. Are them scruffy twats not pushing for finance from the prem clubs?
  2. peep peep no way are Everton going down you biscuit
  3. Hoo ye calling a dirty bastard? Show some respect. I'm bordering on forensic, I put MRI scans to shame
  4. I'm a stander. Like to inspect the paper see how my health is
  5. What do you call two Mexicans playing basketball against each other? Juan on Juan.
  6. Some of our current team may freeze in the atmosphere on Sunday. We got to get big game players. No Burnley cast offs no loans from Liecester. Been a while but I am getting the start of a stiffy
  7. Am good ta. Hope everyone is safe and well. I have been around like the takeover talk. Soton beat city which proves it can be done, but dis you see the saves the keeper made. I fear the worst.
  8. did someone mention joke? Mods am in da house ignore my email
  9. Suggested hoying tennis balls on pitch lost his ST Thats all
  10. I came on expecting my back catalogue being on
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