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  1. Am good ta. Hope everyone is safe and well. I have been around like the takeover talk. Soton beat city which proves it can be done, but dis you see the saves the keeper made. I fear the worst.
  2. did someone mention joke? Mods am in da house ignore my email
  3. Suggested hoying tennis balls on pitch lost his ST Thats all
  4. I came on expecting my back catalogue being on
  5. Smeeagain Is this any way to treat an elder statesman?
  6. One fucking C from greatness. Fish I cracked tghat when you were a sprat. I enjoy your banter on SMB lol
  7. Smeeagain Why do Swedish battle ships have bar codes on their sides? Co they're Scandinavian SMB
  8. Anyone know where I can buy a flag ala the gallowgate flags (for the leazes) need for barnsley match Thanks Your leader
  9. The Mackem scum on RTG are on a poll for best fans between us them and everton. We are miles in lead at the moment but they intend mass voting
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