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  1. It'll be to the minute by the sounds of things.
  2. RobH


    I was creasing at that.
  3. I feel sorry for him coming here when everyone around the club is so negative. He's young and has been connected with a few good clubs so I hope everyone gives him a chance.
  4. I think colback is a pretty good player tbf. Wouldn't be our best midfielder but he's a solid premiership player.
  5. Didn't he tell them not to pick him cause he was going to Disneyland or something?
  6. Havent PSG signed Dani Alves though? Arsenal is a decent shout as well with Sagna's contract running out.
  7. There's a quote along the lines of 'They had more in common with those south of the wall than those to the north'.
  8. 2008 for me just to make you feel older again
  9. I convinced one of my mates in primary school to judo flip me cause he was boasting about learning how. He fucked it up and dropped me on my head on the hardwood floor. We didn't tell anyone until about two hours after it happened when I still couldn't see properly.
  10. Knowing that won me a tenner once
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