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  1. Nufc.co.uk I Found these off another website(Nile Ranger/Leon Best) New FIFA 12 Vid on NUFC.co.uk http://www.nufc.co.uk/articles/20110924/un...2281670_2460379
  2. I found a new Screenshot of nufc on fifa 12 (There's lots more of different teams http://www.flickr.com/photos/easportsfifa/page4/)
  3. It's good the EA have fixed the issue with substitutions when you take 3 players off at the same time you see 3 come on the pitch at same time. (this really annoyed me in the past games ) But thay still have not fixed the problem of being able to change Captains in a match but on the whole fifa 12 looks and plays amazing
  4. It's time for the geordie gaming nation to unite !
  5. New Vid FIFA 12 - Exclusive Trailer St James park in the rain @ 0:17
  6. New Vid newcastle on the vid @ 0:56 1:01 1:09
  7. New trailer. were getting raped by man city
  8. New screenshots of Fifa 12 enjoy
  9. Hi to all the Newcastle fans out there im starting a new group (xbox) Newcastle United 1892 if you want to join the group let me no. stipulation to join the team are: 1) you have to be at least age 19 or over to join (mature players only) 2) your be a pro has to be at least a level 75 3) You have to have a Game Face We are a Relaxed group if we loses no problem if we win that's great main thing is everyone has good time Newcastle United 1892 Team: GK: A.I.(Steve Harper) RB: CB: CB: LB: RM: CM: CM: SpunkyCFH27 LM: CF: Ghost Warrior 0 CF: Foon
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