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  1. Jennifer Lawrence's nudes not made it on here yet?
  2. Gave it their all today. Must have been playing for the bonus for finishing in the top 10 £££
  3. I had an operation on a dislocated collar bone. It went the wrong way and was pushing on my throat.
  4. He loves a sly dig at Newcastle. Said Mbiwa should have gone to a bigger club as well.
  5. Aye, seen its arse on Twitter and it's decent.
  6. I want Bosnia to do well. But I also want Shola to do well.
  7. tbf Brazil have still got to play Holland or Chile in the next round.
  8. 2am on a Saturday night/Sunday would be canny.
  9. Probably the worst time to play them. The backlash isn't going to be pretty.
  10. Write an article about it and send it to the Echo.
  11. Mourinho was paid by one of the biggest clubs in the world to translate English to Spanish and even he is sometimes hard to understand in interviews.
  12. He can speak English. Apparently.
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