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  1. mackem messageboard gold

    "The only saving grace is the Mags list would look even worse." What?
  2. Use your brain near a train

    A couple of people on the news had their arms trapped and dragged along the platform abit. I hope these people were fined.
  3. Newcastle United - Liverpool

    Every defender should get stick for it, but they don't. So it's unfair to call him on it.
  4. Newcastle United - Liverpool

    Of course Dummett deserves stick for appealing for an offside, fucking hell But loads of defenders do it so he shouldn't be singled out.
  5. Grand Theft Auto Online

    2nd time it's happened with me. Not the end of the world but it's pretty annoying.
  6. We got a mention! To be fair though, it was a toss up between us and Everton.
  7. Krokodil

    I'm excited to see what the come up with next, after they get bored of having their skin eat away at itself.
  8. Fair play to them, they've all shot the guy down for suggesting Simeone.
  9. Monkeys Fist's heart is broken.

    Get well soon, MF. A mate of mine, in his early 30s, had one during a rugby game about 2 years ago. Made a full recovery and has just started playing again this season with his son.
  10. To be fair she's lost her 6 pack.
  11. Are they forgetting she's called Ennis-Hill now?
  12. Read the first 3 pages. Got bored. You're a bit of an ignorant cunt.
  13. Summer Transfers 2013

    Atleast we've got the January panic buys to look forward to. And Carlton Cole.
  14. Summer Transfers 2013

    Even sticking the best looking reporter outside QPR's trainingground can't help the fact noone gives the fuck about that club.
  15. Summer Transfers 2013

    Can just imagine him sitting in a pub with SSN on in the background wondering what the fuck is going on.
  16. Other Games Other Games

    Fat Frank making Ant and Neuer look like mugs.
  17. Other Games Other Games

    Cech has been class tonight. So expect him not to save a single pen.
  18. Other Games Other Games

    It's is Cardiff next year, not even the Millennium Stadium. From Monaco to Cardiff in 2 years. Should just scrap the competition now.
  19. Other Games Other Games

    Oh, I love a good pen shootout.
  20. Other Games Other Games

    Why the fuck is this not in Monaco?
  21. Manchester City v Newcastle

    Palace were, aye.
  22. Manchester City v Newcastle

    Nothing I've seen tonight has changed my opinion of how our season will pan out. Infact I feel better about our chances of staying in the league now then I did on Friday. Only because of how bad Palace and Hull are
  23. Summer Transfers 2013

    I wish I was that optimistic, I really do.
  24. Manchester City v Newcastle

    Maybe if he gets a reaction he'll leave?

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