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  1. The Americans

    How good is this, MT? I prefer watching things on TV but was starting to get frustrated with ITV being so vague about when it was starting. Seen an advert for it today saying it's June 2013 so I'll just wait until next month.
  2. The Daft Questions Thread

    I'm friends with about 5 people I've had run ins with over the years. One of them hit me because I was talking to his girlfriend, even though I've been friends with her for about 8 years and she was standing about 10 yards from my girlfriend. But he now helps me on this Jurassic Park game so he's forgiven.
  3. The Daft Questions Thread

  4. Other Games Other games

    Scored more of his goals against Villa then any other team before his 2 today. Congratulations.
  5. Other Games Other games

    Get the fuck in!
  6. Eurovision

    And this is all free?
  7. Got a canny kite on me since I've stopped playing rugby. Skinny everywhere else, just starting to get a belly on me. I'm the exact same weight I was as well.
  8. Summer Transfers 2013

    Moyes finished 7th, then 17th with Everton and following season went on to finish 4th. Watch this space.
  9. Other Games Other games

    Fucking hell. Pique got one for Man U in 2008 and he didn't play 10 times.
  10. Suppose you're right. It's still very annoying.
  11. Neither. Sorry, a pet hate of mine.
  12. Wigan vs Swansea Reserves

    This game is class. 2-2 now.
  13. Wigan vs Swansea Reserves

    I'll give you a hint... Norwich.
  14. Wigan vs Swansea Reserves

    Oh well.
  15. Wigan vs Swansea Reserves

    Canny Routledge.
  16. Official Toontastic Prediction Tracker

    ADP got 2 right, but they're all red. Poor lad.
  17. Other Games Other games

    Half time in the Championship. Hull going up. Wolves going down.
  18. Summer Transfers 2013

    Why follow 30 people when you can just follow Colin? Infact, why follow anyone twitter? Just follow Colin.
  19. Summer Transfers 2013

  20. The Battle for the Top Half

    He's a good keeper. We all have our off days. And don't pretend you don't know his name, you're obsessed with the fuckers.
  21. Other Games Other games

    Well... Real have decided to turn up in the final 10 minutes of this tie.
  22. The Battle for the Top Half

    Reading and QPR changed their managers with a lot more games left to save their respective clubs. Caretaker managers never work, especially because that'll be Carver. I think what you really want is an interim manager, if so who?
  23. Other Games Other games

    Vaughan coming off the bench and playing a through ball to Agbonlahor. Honestly think there's something not right here.

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