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  1. Other Games Other games

    This game would have been perfect had we not got fucked over in the derby.
  2. Who Are You Most Like?

    Deano and Deadman.
  3. Harry Redknapp

    He's not going anywhere.
  4. Other Games Other games

    That lass with a sling on. Shit themselves when the police turn up.
  5. She's not even white.
  6. Other Games Other games

    Lewandowski's 4th.
  7. Other Games Other games

    FFS. The cunt makes it 2-2. Shouldn't even be on the pitch.
  8. It ties in with the Tweets CNN were showing.
  9. You want his Twitter? I'm in a good mood today so I'll give you it. @J_Tsar
  10. Rooney Rule

  11. Rooney Rule

    Since this is an American thing, how many white coachs are in the NBA?
  12. West Brom vs Newcastle United

    Maybe it'll do us a favour. I think people expected us to get 6 points from Fulham and Sunderland and that would see us nicely through to the summer. 4 points from those 5 games is doable, so I'm not panicking.
  13. Other Games Other games

    Who's discounting him? He's the last man.
  14. Other Games Other games

  15. Hatem "Number 26" Ben Arfa

    Only just. They've both started 15 games.
  16. Cabaye and Sissoko

    You're the man, CT.
  17. Fuck the match. Tom vs CT has my attention now.
  18. Final few games

    We had a very bad January at home
  19. Mackems ticket for sale.

    Sell it for as much as you want. I'd never ask for more then face value, if some mug offers me £100 i'll snap their fucking hands off.
  20. Other Games Other games

    Messi's fucked.
  21. Funny pictures thread

    You can use www.tinypic.com, then copy the url here.
  22. Shane Ferguson tearing apart international opposition

    Are we really doing this? His wall covered that side of the goal. It was a good freekick, lets not scrutinise just because CT loves the lad.

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