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  1. got the flag though and just need the lettering on,also seems pretty expensive too.
  2. cheers for the more positive feedback ;-) to answer your question the dish would go on the wall (can be ground mounted if you preferred/possible),it would be a 1m dish. as for ongoing costs please send an email to pbsatellite@hotmail.co.uk or pm me your email and i will forward on a few more details. Thanks.
  3. still,just proves that you talk alot of nonsense really.
  4. Will you please give it a rest mate,you're obviously just a child with some issues.. 388 posts in 9 days since you joined so you obviously talk alot of rubbish and like spamming posts. I take it you don't want a FULL SATELLITE SYSTEM (not just a box),so please let me be and allow others to make their own mind up. When you're old enough you'll realise how much one of these setups usually cost and realise how silly you're coming across. Cheers!
  5. a box?? its full the system,installed. you try plugging a box in the wall without a satellite connected and see what you get,got a feeling you'll struggle to watch much! enjoy the football season and let me get on with my business. Thank You!!!
  6. how is it spam,is this not the 'classifieds' section????? You obviously have a chip on your shoulder,so please let me be and kindly stop spamming my post. Surely its helping out alot of newcastle fans like myself to support their team when they can't afford or make it to games
  7. no,a satellite system which picks up channels can be legally installed anywhere in this country. please read up on the facts before you start accusing me. i'll be expecting an apology but suppose i'll not get my hopes up.
  8. as for forwarding my ip address to the cops can i just ask what i could be charged for???
  9. fair enough,if you know what your doing. you do have to buy a motor,a satellite dish,cable,a mount for the dish etc but as long as you have the receiver from ebay i'm sure you'll be ok.
  10. for the £300 system it would be a tm600.
  11. If you are interested in watching just about every premiership football game live, including 3pm kick off's at a fraction of the cost of $ky and V!rgin Media then keep reading this ad. I can install a motorised satellite system (probably the same system which you will watching down the pub) in your house from as little as £300 FULLY INSTALLED! Just think, just about every Newcastle game LIVE in your house every saturday. You will also have access to just about every channel available in europe. That includes Movies,Documentaries and if that way inclined 24hr Pornography All Pubs a
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