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  1. Press Alt-F4 whilst on the page of the vid you want to insert over here. That don't work WANKER
  2. What do you say to Kevin with a job? Them fucking nuggets not cooked you silly twat!
  3. I've got no social worker mate never had one both parnets always worked and I've never been hit across the arse with a belt.
  4. Pissed of when I read this Liverpool misfit Alberto Aquilani is to join Juventus on a one-year loan. The two clubs have agreed a deal for the 26-year-old, who cost the Anfield outfit £20m from Roma last summer, and the move will be completed once he has undergone a medical on Monday. Aquilani has struggled for form and fitness since arriving as a replacement for Xabi Alonso. He was left out of Thursday's win over Trabzonspor in the Europa League to remain eligible for other clubs. Roy Hodgson "For Aquilani, this year it is very important that he plays regular football every week
  5. Hey jock how do you insert youtube mate?
  6. What does FYP mean? people always writing that shit
  7. Yes bigger mate look it up wikipedia Cant tell what country they come from by the colour of their skin mate
  8. Cant read the story sorry lads need to change the link and I don't eat rats I'm not from China.
  9. So is the one in Liverpool. People from China Japan travel half way round the world for it To many people mate
  10. Junky? Get back to your nightclub in your caravan. At least I drink in the pub mate.
  11. What is that another free festival?
  12. I've got some T Shirts with "I love Ant and Dec" on them. No one wants them in Liverpool so they are going for a quid. Me dad said try in here they all love Ant and Dec in here. The price does not include postage and packing sorry. The T shirts are black and white stripped.
  13. Liverpool to win City 2-1 Kuyt first goal scorer
  14. Mathew street festival this weekend Liverpool if anyones intrested. If I see any gerodies I'll buy them a drink It is also the largest annual free music festival in Europe. In 2006 the festival was held over four days from Friday 25 August to Monday 28 August, using five stages in the city centre, including one at the Strand, two at the Pier Head, one on Dale Street, and one on Derby Square. The event attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world and hosts many bands, both local and from around the world, including many Beatles tribute bands.
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