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  1. What's the situation on Cabaye? Is he definitely off? If so, that may take away some worries
  2. Alright Geordies? Just thought I'd pop in to say, great draw, cannot wait. I kind of felt we'd draw you lot or Villa, since you're both the last two big clubs we haven't yet played in the cup since 2009. Seriously, unbelievable that in just four years we've played Liverpool, Man U twice, Tottenham three times (including the replay in 2010), Arsenal twice (including the replay in 2011), Everton, Chelsea, Man City and now you lot. We really do have the luck of the draw! That is, if the hot balls theory is bollocks... How do you think you'll do? A lot of our fans think it's winnable,
  3. I think you lot have a decent chance. Liverpool's form has been quite poor lately and they could be more focussed on the FA Cup, and knocking their local rivals out in the process. They're in Europe next season anyway. I'm not betting man but if I was I'd put a tenner on Newcastle. Here's hoping I've not jinxed it!
  4. We're definitely a bigger club than Man City, I'll give him that. worst thing about Leeds, is you were nothing before Don Revie, you had never done anything, or been anybody. That was a great era, but you now consider yourselves to be bigger than you are on account of it. You are in the 2nd batch of "big clubs" alongside the likes of Villa, Wolves, West Ham etc etc and thats it. I hate Ken Bates though, cockney wanker, and Warnock is a pretty good manager who should have managed a big team earlier in his career after Scarborough and Notts County. He might have a few probs w
  5. Like I say I've always been impressed by Newcastle's support, way better than the overrated Liverpool who the press always talk up. There's a lot of comparisons to be drawn between Leeds and Newcastle. I miss the days when we were both competing for Champions League football. Hope I live to see that again!
  6. We're definitely a bigger club than Man City, I'll give him that. Man City and Leeds are about the same size in real terms. Both clubs who have had their share of the good times and the bad, but I'd say historically we're slightly bigger. Within the next few years though City are really going to make a name for themselves. Before the next rich man's plaything comes along and usurps them, that is.
  7. We're definitely a bigger club than Man City, I'll give him that.
  8. I think what your support needs to do is get your gates within say 10,000 of what ours were in the CCC (44,000) then perhaps Ken would invest more in the team. You can't expect Bates to spend millions on gates of 19-21,000 mate, and that's why I take issue with anyone who says Leeds are a big club. They're not and never were, because you don't have the local support of a Man Utd, Newcastle or even Sunderland. Bates has the money, he just gives nothing to the manager, instead ploughing it into a "new look" East Stand. So some of our fans feel that there's no point lining his pockets if
  9. I'd take that but I don't think us coming 4th would be the most unbelievable thing in history neither. As for t'Leeds United, it would be a bad thing for yous coming up this year via the play offs. You haven't got the quality of Swansea or Norwich, you're better off building a side next season and kicking on. Think you'll come 7th again. Just as well, we won't go up this season, not with this defence anyway.
  10. Warnock has a great record of getting teams promoted plus he has the right attitude to whip our spineless lot into shape, something Mr. Nice Guy Grayson couldn't do. Pleased with the appointment. To be honest I'm just waiting for this season to be over with then to see who Warnock brings in during the summer transfer window. I'm confident, given we sign the right players, that we'll go up next season.
  11. 6th sounds about right for you lot. Really not sure who will win the league between Scum and Citeh but it'll be tight. Below that though, I reckon it will look something like: 3rd: Spurs 4th: Chelsea 5th: Arsenal 6th: Newcastle 7th: Liverpool (King Kenny the saviour! )
  12. Only just seen the video of the tackle on Ben Arfa. Ouch! No idea how the FA let De Jong (a player with a record of playing dirty, like in the World Cup final) get away with what he did but Man City seem to get away with a lot of things these days. The ref was blatantly in their favour in the Blackpool match yesterday. Shame about what's happened to him, he seems like a talented player, that little screamer against Everton was well taken.
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