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  1. Am unable to do the survey as all of the questions require an answer, but i don't go to home games, only away ones. Perhaps i'll put some dud info in.
  2. http://imgur.com/gallery/eQ71z Not a picture - but funny anyway.
  3. As always ( not in jest ), a genius reply. top marks.
  4. OK, so the lack of signing has created a host of posts from people saying all sorts of shit about Ashley, Ambition, Pardew, Kinear and the rest. Question I have is ‘Isn’t is best that we don’t, year in, year out, sign a shed load of players?’ – with the simple fact being that you’d want your players to evolve together and form a good coherent team and then from this the team should perform better and thus progress. I know that players only have a certain shelf life and need to be replace as and when needed. An example of doing things the wrong way, if you take Liverpool as an example, they, from when Houilier took over and ever manager since, has signed on average, 7 to 9 players each season, and because of the lack of bonding, the team didn’t perform and hence their shite position in the league, The owner says we must do better, so manager sacked, and the wheel goes full circle and the next manager does the same. It doesn’t take a genius to work out you can’t carry on working like that forever if you want things to improve. It’s this situation, I feel the club doesn’t want to get itself into, I mean, I read that at Liverpool, Voridin ? a slacky striker, was paid £60k a week, yet only played a few times, Downing the same and Henderson is on even more. So in a way the club has to think about the bigger picture, it has to come up with a business plan and stick to it. Problem is that this ‘plan’ will never be shown to the outside world – so the supporters feel as though they are being let down. Thoughts ?
  5. Films watched recently on a flight to San Francisco :- Skyfall - 10/10 Super 8 - 8/10 7 Psychopaths - 9/10 Argo - 8/10 And on the flight back :- Rise of the guardians - 9.5/10 - best animation ever seen. Cloud Atlas - 7/10 Did start to watch Django Unchained - (about 30 mins - til the pillow over the heads scene - very funny) - 10/10.
  6. There are too many variables to mention to even start getting worried about whether or not we will stay up or go down. As I have said all along - i think Wigan will go down - the thought of the FA Cup must now start to be entering their tiny minds, BUT one thing I did notice was that we could stay up even if we lost both the remaining matches, as I think Norwich are in big trouble, a home game against WBA and then away at City, who'll be looking at cementing their position in 2nd for the CL next season. We'll know, or have an idea as to what's required after the game this week, as Chelsea play Spurs on Wed, so that will have a bearing on the City game. So if they lose both by 2 goals, and we lose by 1, then bye bye Chris. Keeping it toon, SCT
  7. I think, like myself they can't see wigan actually winning all of their remaining games, at most 6 points, 1 win + 3 draws etc, so the extra point for the shite give them 7 points over wigan, which will be 2 wins and a draw or more, which i can't see them doing. Also as well, checking last years money, there is @800k difference per place, so neither WBA (8th) or Swansea (9th) can make the europe places, but they are close enough to the scouse scum to make those places be worth @ 2.5m if they go upto 6th - so those games won't be a push over for Wigan. The london scum and the Arsebandital are fighting for the champions league places, so that only leave villa and by then it could (and will) be all over. Keeping it toon, SCT
  8. There is a thought running though my mind at present :- IF Villa won tonight, the psychological pressure on Wigan would be very great, as they would be 6 points (2 wins minimum) to make up. THIS, placed with the fact that their last 5 games are played in 15 days, NOTE between Swansea and Arsenal (both mid-week games) is the FA CUP final, and as we know, minds can go elsewhere in the run up to it. Also if Villa lost, the fact of the 5 games in 15 days would still make them fav's to go down. Of our remaining games, I have us winning 2 (Liverpool and QPR) and drawing to the other two (West Ham and Arsenal). If we (and it was my first game of the season on sat) played like we did in the first half for every game remaining then I can see us getting the points required. Keeping it toon. SCT
  9. So, after the debarcle of the derby day defeat, much was made of the fact that we had only played on the thursday before - just 2 and 1/2 days since the previous game, whereas the shite had a full week of 'rest'. Considering we have now had a week of rest (well 6 days), would that be considered to be long enough to recharge the batteries as they say, and also then taking into account WBA haven't played since the 6th, which will be 14 days ish. I know that team train on a regular basis but the effort put in at these session isn't half what happens in a real game. So is there an optimum period ? as they say the on a run upto a international break and then the team comes back a fall flat on it's face. Do you think the 14 days or so that the baggies has had off is a good or a bad thing ? Personally I think it's a good thing for us, as I seen often teams be sluggish on their return from a long break. Thoughts ?
  10. I have to say looking at the youtube clip or whatever it was, I am well impressed with the serivces, on how quickly they got there, the guy in the army uniform, looks like he's used to it, going in there ripping out the fencing to gain access etc, also at the end you can see all of the services in the one area - quite impressive - considering that this is something that people have only been trained for and perhaps not actually done in the real world. I can't say how much I'm impressed with those people - solid stuff.
  11. I know that some people on here are nervious about the situation and seeing where the points are to come from, but it for the teams below to gain the points, and from looking at Wigan's and Sunderland's fixtures, i would find it hard to see either of them getting more points than us. It may be down to the QPR game, and that's late, but i can see it being over (as in staying up) before then.
  12. We stopped over a few days last year after a cruise around the carribean, stopped in Fort Lauderdale near the Galeria Mall, very cool and nice. Did a everglades tour as well, very good. Some links :- Blue Martini bar near the mall http://www.bluemarti...tini-girls.html Boat tour link http://www.evergladesholidaypark.com/ Was in some doubt about this tour as am not a follower of those that stick their hands in the croc's mouths etc - but these guys were great. Have a great time - you'll love it.
  13. Off to San Francisco at the end of may for a few days, then doing a 10 day cruise up to Alaska and back again - can't wait.
  14. With the Wigan game approaching, I'm looking at my yearly away game, and this time don't want to go alone, as my accent put me at odds with those from the north. So the question is 'Does anyone know if there are supporters clubs / branches outside or away from the Newcastle area ?' If anyone does know then please reply with details Thx SCT
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