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  1. +If you weren't such a mug you would've known that yesterday, when the TT secret forum (by invite only) knew about it. Typically straight-shooting, and i mean that respectfully, but reads more like a slightly cryptic 'fuck-off' on behalf of the lads. Mugrighted nonetheless. More mugs, myself included definitely - you can place me near or top of the list, should be periodically nominated for the Creche Section. Establish a 'mugs nomination' thread up there in the Secret Forum, and let the process play out via the GC forum, in the form of a petition style thread. Fifty signatures fr
  2. Alot of drawn results down the stretch, particularly if HBA's status as a bit-part player continues. We're an organised outfit but we're predictable & pedestrian in attack, within the link-up zone between the midfield & the front two. Whether in a free-role (off the main striker) or out on the right, with the license to cut-in, we look more balanced from left-to-right. Right now teams have figured us out to an extent. A fit Obertan (and Pards is showing a ton of faith in him) offers no threat down one flank, and opposition managers have caught on to this and they've duly shifted t
  3. This obviously isn't going to sit well, but it's poetic justice in a way ie. this low-ball figure clause, if Redknapp is on the money. Ashley/the club are unwilling to pay the going rate for very good players, and have become adept at sniffing out these clause related deals. This is were the club's involvement with Kia Joorabchian, as a consultant (as reported last year iirc), comes into affect imho. The bloke has an extensive list of contacts in the player agent game, so in some cases we'll get the jump on rivals ie. Wenger calling a meeting, with his recruiting department, regarding the
  4. Posting on my phone, which is a killer, but tbh i completely overlooked the targetman Sow, when referring to their '2' in-form strikers. I was originally thinking along the lines of the two Demba's, P.Cisse and Ba. Well that's three clinical & in-form forwards then. I can't think of a better striking line-up going into this tourney in recent times. Ghana & Ivory Coast may have a greater talent pool across the 2 outfield lines, but lack of composure in front of goals is a killer in what is an open/attacking/free-flowing tourney. Senegal with either of the two Demba's playing off
  5. Senegal's management team have given him a pretty light build-up, on the unforgiving tracks they would've held their training camps, ahead of the African Finals. It's been commented that it's rare to find a national coach being so respectful of a player's duties at club level. On Senegal's part , given Ba's consistency once match-fit, his form warrants an influential role in their finals run. Unforgiving training camp tracks + Ba's well documented knee issues = a sensible preservation based strategy. They've nursed him into the finals by handling with cotton gloves. Last thing they
  6. *Big-game atmosphere and the crowd was up for it, particularly in the second half as Manyoo were up against the rack. *The team was flying tonight, with a 100% level of commitment. Taking into account the big-game atmosphere, the opposition, and the coinciding level of commitment on show across the pitch they're pretty infectious ingredients for a positive/increased level of defensive application - in HBA's case. This is primarily directed against the argument (scoreline-based substitution) that at least Best provided some defensive presence/chasing back as Manyoo were chasing the game
  7. Robert similarly criticised our style of play, under Souness, and dinged-up the manager's ego too. Giving a positive critique about the opposition's style of play, in particular - when refering to an obvious difference in football playing philosophies, is going to sting one ego a fair bit. The clock is now ticking.
  8. Food for thought, relating to the final stages of his reign at West Ham prior to his sacking. Harewood, Zamora and Cole were his first choice three, as forward options, while the temperamental & creative (but world class all the same) Tevez was rotting away on the bench. The point is former three were struggling, and the team was screaming out for creativity/a spark, amidst a relegation fight but Pardew continued to stick to his guns while results continued to slide southwards. It would appear that Pards has a leaning towards grafters, those who carry little risk factor (those who
  9. Patton respected the German military, including the higher ranking officers as well. Likewise that respect was mirrored by the Germans. He was pretty outspoken after Stalin's forces moved in, and questioned alot of things that were going on at the time. The Germans were honorable fighters, on land & sea, and deserve a fairer depiction on film rather than being typecast as the 'cardboard cut-out villains' as thrown at them by a director with an axe to grind, and an agenda to push based on racial lines etc.
  10. If this is the case, which is certainly a possibility as he fills that 'moody, flawed genius' mould. He's a certainly a player who is going rub particular managers (those who can't man-manage them, are unwilling to compromise) up the wrong way. If there is a battle of egos going on anything positive he produces on the pitch will be done out of spite, against the manager. If he's getting similar minutes during the ANC, while playing second fiddle to crap, you can put this down as 'Souness v Robert, Version 2' with different cast members obviously.
  11. Saving Private Ryan: it's depiction of the field of war, by parading German grunts as cardboard cut-out villains, shits all over the premise of 'to kill, or be killed' in the heat of battle. Hard to think of a more offensive illustration of the field of war, captured on a cinematic level. To be expected though, taking into account the subject matter and the director's ancestry. A shitstain on the war movie genre. 1 out of 5...... and the '1' is purely based on the technical aspects of the film.
  12. For such a progressive club (under the current regime) we could've a thrown out a more expansive search net. Fu Kin Krud, of Ghuke FC, over in some obscure zip-eyed league is banging them in.
  13. Done, despite your lack of manners! Thank you dear. ..... better yet, for the sake of freeing up some bandwidth, just delete the thread & OP.
  14. Aside from keeping up with my usually shite standard of posting, i've thrown this in the wrong forum. I was at forum jumping at the time, and forgot to switch back to the footy one. Mods: switch it to the appropriate forum.
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