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  1. The swastika tatooed on his forehead is a bit of a giveaway tbf
  2. Chez's career was in jeopardy when I posted the Himmler mock-up. Even now after he's discovered the Higgs-Bosom particle people suspect him of being a nazi
  3. I think Gazza probably is more intelligent than Carroll in all seriousness.
  4. He got a 1st in philosophy and modern languages at St. Anne's college, Oxford. Or am I getting him mixed up
  5. Regardless of whether or not people have a sense of humour, YOU have still failed to answer MY simple question. I wonder why?
  6. Pippa Middleton has the most overrated arse in recorded history.
  7. No one gives a fuck what you think, you thickpinball-playingteetotalnorwegianpornstar-shaggingleathercladpoliticallycorrectunbelievableilliteratepriggishbastard.
  8. J20 represents everything that is wrong with the rise of technology.
  9. You're an unbelievably thick cunt who obviously reads with a level of around 40% comprehension. Find a quote from anyone here where they explicitly state or imply that calling someone a black cunt is 'acceptable'.
  10. The thought process of Terry was probably an observational one. He's jumping about on the field marking someone shit who plays for QPR, and as he looks over, Anton ferdinand is making shagging gestures saying something like, "yeh bruv you cocked wayne bridges missus init but you only lasted like 2 seconds bruv cos you got a tiny todger ahaha what you like some kind of joke bruv," and terry is absolutely fuming, because this is his weak point, the thing that has lost him the England captaincy and millions in potential sponsorship/image rights etc, and he's looking at him thinking, "ere, what is the most offensif fing i cud say to im right now?" and he's searching for a term to go in front of 'cunt'. Shit-cunt, ugly-cunt, poor-cunt, black-cunt--that'll do, and out it comes.
  11. I think calling someone a 'black *insert expletive here*', is generally considered milder than going all-out with the 'nigger' stuff. Cunt is the pejorative term here, and he could have said fat-cunt, thick-cunt, ugly-cunt, etc. He chose to use black-cunt, which is bad, but he's an exceptionally thick man, and thick people say stupid things, especially when they are subject to provocation. What was Anton Ferdinand hoping for when provoking Terry? For him to lose his temper, which he did. No one died. I think turning such an incident into a court case of this nature is a waste of money. PL makes a fair point though, this is the law now: we live in a country where people can get a jail sentence for trolling on Twitter.
  12. He was a dedicated heterosexual though, unlike fop. His wife, who had been a model, discovered he had had dozens of affairs--many with women who were obese or OAPs, sometimes both. When asked why he slept with these women, Mailer said, "sometimes I like to be the pretty one."
  13. nope, I think I'll be done with the internet on wednesday, moving to london. Init bruv
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