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  1. Apparently already spoke to us over the weekend, not sure what came of that like.
  2. Quinn has said we're not even interested in him. I hope we have tapped him up tbh just to piss of Gold and Sullivan.
  3. Kevs arm will have recovered by the time PSN is back up, its been ages now, can't say I've missed it though tbf.
  4. Never had a problem here.
  5. What's the Wild Beasts album like? Been getting into them recently.
  6. I could feel the lads pain through the thread, they look like complete agony.
  7. Why do you have the black panel on the back? Ruins any striped shirt.
  8. Sony have well and truly fucked this up. It's going to cost them a fortune and its already damaged their rep.
  9. If I had several million pounds probably not, I' buy a massive house in Durham, which is apparently what Gyan's doing.
  10. Chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp.
  11. Maybe, what's wrong with that?
  12. We don't know what to expect but in fairness neither do you... We'll have a bit to play around with, and one thing you cant knock Bruce for is his dealings in the transfer market, the first SAFC manager I've properly trusted to sign a good player without spending ridiculous money. Really? He's bought some shite, namely those South American imports he's got such a good reputation for finding. Bruce is talking about yet another overhaul of the squad, which would be his third in as many summers. Almost every player in your squad is either Bruce bought or has been given a new contrac
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