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  1. I woke up this morning thinking we were playing Arsenal at 8pm tonight. Upon learning from my son we were playing on Monday, it was like waking up on on Saturday morning thinking it's Wednesday and then realising it's Saturday. Weekend saved!
  2. The Vanishing is the film based on Eilean Mor Lighthouse https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4131496/
  3. Never in doubt. Sports Direct United ad infinitum. Oversized mugs in the shops, oversized mugs in the ground. NUFC is dead. RIP.
  4. Seriously though, who else are we going to attract? Name a coach that will turn 'like a new signing' Colback into a footballer, will be able to transform our U23 kids into Premiership quality immediately and attract loan signings of calibre to make a difference, under the current constraints? Even if this unicorn of a manager exists and we do stay up, it is rewind and repeat next year. 17th the target and don't even talk about cups runs. Don't get me wrong, I don't want Bruce, Hughes, Pullis, Pardew or Allardyce but under the current administration I don't think it matters. Mig
  5. Given that we can expect that there is no take-over, no real expenditure on the squad and no expectation other than we fluke 17th place, I don't see Steve Bruce as bad appointment, other than any compensation will come from the transfer \ loan budget. No one can succeed given the constraints placed on this club. Rafa struggled, touted replacements Wenger and Mourinio wouldn't do any better with this squad and the limited budget. We need to go down and stay down. We won't get rid of Ashley whilst there is an income to be had from the club. We need to be a financial problem child to
  6. We are no longer Newcastle United Football Club but Sports Direct FC. Might as well change the kit now. The algorithms have been calculated and 17th place in the Premier League gives the optimum return on owner investment, given the owner budgets only for 17th place in the Premier League. There is no take over. There never was. There never is. We have seen these deflections before. Why would he sell. This club is an income and he strikes me as a guy who would celebrate finding a pound coin in a gutter, like he's won the lottery. Why would he sell? He has it all worked ou
  7. Who puts their kid in a suit for a football match? Mike rubbing his hands at the prospect of sticking a cheeky Sports Direct poster on the vacant board in front of him.
  8. Just a light hearted response, however... Having spent a former life in retail, most days are a pain, regardless. Working with people who think that they are always right, regardless, does take the shine off. Also have you experienced customer service in Sports Direct recently AH? I consider myself a pretty laid back sort, but I ashamedly created a scene in Harlow town centre after a particular incident. My children will not let me return to said shop. Harlow is probably akin to the Galleries of Essex. Yes - I let myself down. Sorry. However the guy in Enfield retail
  9. Instead of a protest outside, why not all the protesters quietly queue up in both town centre stores, each to purchase an item costing £1.00, only for the till staff to find that the said customers have in fact brought only 99 shiny pennies instead of the required 100. Or perhaps employ the 'Charnley negotiation' stance in protest, where each protester tries to buy a home shirt costing £54.99 but offers a fiver and barters in increments of 5p until kick off time.
  10. Not really, just means schools are centrally funded rather than through Local Authorities. It isn't the same as the old 'sponsored' academies system where the private sector took control of schools. Lots of pros, quite a few cons. It has worked for my school though. We have had the financial independence to grow, make key decisions and become highly successful, meeting community needs at the same time. The next two to three years will be crucial though as current levels school funding are crippling schools and many schools won't be able to balance the books without inc
  11. Anyone listen to audiobooks? I love a read but like to listen when running. Recent recommendations from friends\colleagues have been underwhelming.
  12. After 20+ years working in schools, I have seen this more than a few times over the years. The school should be more supportive than you are describing. Politely press them on the strategies that have been put in place to guarantee that the lad will be safe whilst in their care. We would usually offer some sort of mediation between the kids to resolve underlying issues, assign a peer mentor or support teacher \ staff to keep an eye on things and to support your son. I would also ask his mates to look out for him in school, on the way home or when in the local community. Bullies rarely act wh
  13. Great. Thanks MF. Showing up fully booked for pre-payment but we will just rock up anyway and see if we can get a space. Regards, Steve
  14. Premier Inn - New Bridge Street.
  15. One last question and then I will shut up. I am travelling up in a minibus. Where is the best place to park? The hotel haven't been much help, recommending places with a height restriction. Anyway thanks for all the previous help and suggestions. Regards, Steve
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