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  1. Yes, mate. Bully is the Chairman of the bairns team, but he has two other lads coaching the U8 and U9's. He looks after the U13's with Belly. Cheers for reading the article.
  2. I always assumed they would've cut my "sack" and took my ball out of there, however they don't. They cut you at the top of your groin and push everything up and out of there. I've got a canny scar, but couldn't give a monkey's about only having one-ball now. Honestly, they could've cut off my cock and I wouldn't have been too fussed as long as they made me better. All I'll say is that if you ever notice anything untoward or feel worried about a change then go to your doctor. It has the highest cure rates of all cancers if caught sharp. I'm currently in contact with three men (19, 2
  3. Cheers. I've ran a couple of 10k's since, climbing Snowden in August then Great North Run in september. I'm shite at running since chemo, mind. Lung capacity is shot and the fact I lay on my back for 3 months barely using my legs has left them weak as watta. On your other point, "one of the less scary cancers", I don't agree with that, mate. It might be more curable than most other cancers, but still fucking scary when you can't get out of bed for a week or told "you have to stay in isolation for 7 days or you could pick up an infection and we won't be able to save you - as you have no whi
  4. Alreet, all? Well, I didn't die so you can cancel that bouquet of flowers, lads. It was fucking rough from october through 'til february, but I'm fine now. I just go for scans and blood-tests once a month and everything's been clear since december. I'm in full remission, which is obviously a relief. Cheers
  5. I made the same mistake. The packaging is very misleading.... .... for idiots.
  6. Oven Pride doesn't clean your oven, it just cleans the rack & trays that you put in the bag they supply. It won't clean the inside of your oven out.
  7. Mac-Toon


    Are they dear? Never bought them before, but if I know Asda; & I think I do, they'll have the price marked up with them being in season.
  8. Mac-Toon


    Thanks, that looks good. Sure the fruit & veg man at the foot of Northumberland street has chestnuts; might have a trip tomorrow. I don't know why I agreed to this, I come from the Jackie Chan school of cooking; one chop & you're dead.
  9. Mac-Toon


    Her sister would love my sausage meat balls.
  10. Mac-Toon


    A bit of help required here, if you'd be so kind. We're going to "the inlaws" for Christmas Dinner & for some reason I volunteered to make stuffing & pigs in blankets/devil on horseback. Do you have any easy recipes for the stuffing? Preferably one without sage in, as it's the work of the devil & can be overpowering. Thanks.
  11. It's all well & good saying to start Marveaux & Bigirimana, but we all know there's not a chance Pardew will drop Jonas ahead of a "big game". Unfortunately for us, Barry has accepted the charge from the FA so will miss the game. Kompany not 100% and likely to miss out. They'll play Kolo Toure with Nastasic which should give us hope we can threaten them. The whole game will be won/lost in midfield. I can see Mancini starting Tevez & Aguero, who will have Williamson's pants down if he starts. I'd drop him & play Perch next to Coloccini. He's better on the deck than Wil
  12. Yeah. I highlighted the age group as it's even more unacceptable than the young'uns wearing them 'cause they'll look good in Perdu, etc. Those low-slung V-Neck tops as well. Oh dear. What's wrong with a polo & Levi's?
  13. I could add thousands to this list, but one of my other biggest cringe's has to be men, in their late 30's/40's who have started wearing those tight bottomed jeans & them daft Tom shoes. You don't look trendy, mate; you look like a cunt.
  14. Lasses carrying their stupid, little toy-dog's around in their arms so they don't get cold. Fuck off.
  15. When living in Exeter for a couple of years between 2001-2003 my flatmate's & I went "shroom-picking" on Dartmoor for the day. I had no idea what I was really looking for, but we had an "expert" with us who thought he was Ray Mears brother. We travelled in the car to get there for about an hour & spent over 4 hours picking. We got home & the other lads wanted their tea first so whilst they were eating I said I'd make the "brew". Kettle - Check. Shrooms - Check. Strainer - Check. I put the 'shrooms in the strainer & boiled the kettle & poured the kettle water o
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