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  1. This face would scare anyone. No wonder we couldn't concentrate!
  2. If you look through this thread you will find that I have not been anything but complementary about Newcastle. I think Carroll is a top player that should be involved in the England setup. We were second best all over the pitch yesterday and we didnt even show up really. Fair play. But my comment still stands about the SOL atmosphere when we beat you lot 2-1 matching yesterdays.
  3. Have you been to a derby at SOL? I was at the game when we beat you lot 2-1 and can guarantee we matched your atmosphere yesterday. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 5 FUCKING 1 YOU SHITE FUCKING WANKERS HAHAHAHA shiteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee your mature
  4. Have you been to a derby at SOL? I was at the game when we beat you lot 2-1 and can guarantee we matched your atmosphere yesterday.
  5. fair play to the toon yesterday....you played well and we just didn't turn up. Can't put my finger on how we can play so well against man u, arsenal, liverpool etc and then play so poor against you lot! Have to admit its the lowest i've felt as a sunderland supporter in all my 28 years. Not just because of the scoreline but the manor in which we played.
  6. la la la la la la la la la Can anyone guess the tune?
  7. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/318882 But i wouldn't know if i've got SQL Server Enterprise Manager. Is it standard? Dont know if this is still a problem but SQL Server is not a home user software package. Its used by IT professionals on a server environment. If your sitting at home and using MS Access or something, then your best bet is restoring from a backup on your computer. (if you have one)
  8. we have squandered a huge amount of money under the Roy Keane regime but things are changing under Steve Bruce.
  9. I'd say you were fairly comparable tbh. Aye both boring as fuck and will never come in the top 8. I'll have a £200 bet with any mackem that Newcastle will be in the top 8 before Sunderland are. I'd say we're on an equal footing with both them Stevie perhaps slightly below the pair of them which is why I reckon the pressure's on the Mackems this weekend. They have the bigger reputation to live up to. Yep agreed. Newcastle go into the games as underdogs really considering you have just been promoted. But thats not a good thing for us.
  10. Sunderland and Stoke City are fairly similar in ability but play different football. This year Sunderland have gone forward and Stoke have gone the other way. I would say we are better than them now but not last season.
  11. Sunderland do have a much better side than when we beat you last. Saying that, I think Newcastle have more metal in their side now too. Past results mean nothing on sunday, its all about whats happening now. We have shit away form and you have shit home form. Draw is the likely result but I do think both teams could also win.
  12. Good analysis of both teams. I think its going to be a good tight game....not long now! Come on the mackems
  13. I have it and the offline is very good. Online is frustrating as hell. If your on the worst team then usually there is a mortar on the spawn point.....then your fecked. Its a cross between battlefield bad company and COD MW2. Personally I would wait for blackops.
  14. He's both Na your probably right but he has been impressive....suppose thats a new topic though eh Drifter lol
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