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  1. Gob's Wife: I'm in love with your brother-in-law. Gob: You're in love with your own brother? The one in the army? Gob's Wife: No, your sister's husband. Gob: Michael? Michael! Gob's Wife: No, that's your sister's brother. Gob: No, I'm my sister's brother. You're in love with me - me. Gob's Wife: I'm in love with Tobias. Gob: My brother-in-law? Gob's Wife: I know it can never be, so I'm leaving. I'm enlisting in the army. Gob: To be with your brother ... Gob's Wife: No!
  2. I quite liked Darren Peacock. Not flashy, no delusions that he was any better than he really was and was pretty much dependable.
  3. A band who I've listened to quite a bit of late. I really like a lot of their stuff, like Vicar in a Tutu, Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before, and You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby.
  4. That first one isn't that ridiculous IMO, although I would expect there to be a few goals in that game. It is when the game has been fucking abandoned. Lol. True. In fairness then, isn't that more of a criticism of the person asking for predictions?
  5. That first one isn't that ridiculous IMO, although I would expect there to be a few goals in that game.
  6. Face down in a pillow? I voted for her mind Face down in a pillow is a classic position in fairness. You asked earlier how many pints. I'll go 1- >7 2- 0-4 (not sure how decent she'd look in person, away from the reflected ugliness of the others) 3- >14 4- death due to liver failure would come first
  7. Unfortunately Obama has disillusioned every youth in America with his inspirational "yes we Can" campaign and his "but only if the Republicans and coroprate America say we can" presidency. None of them believe they can affect change any more. The entire 18-30 vote completely evaporated in the recent house elections. This weeks Common Sense with Dan Carlin is particularly good on Wikileaks btw. Thanks again for the recommendation. No problem. I haven't listened to this week's but I will do soon. He's quite an entertaining speaker. He also does a "Hardcore History" podcast which is
  8. In fairness, 2 might be quite nice from the right angle. She's head and shoulders above the others for my money. 2->1->3------------------->4 for me.
  9. You do amuse me parky. You could be a cult leader if you really wanted.
  10. No more Wikileaks online at the moment. It's not looking good for Julian Assange. I, for one, think he's probably entirely innocent of the charges from Sweden. It seems like a textbook dirty trick played by the CIA, in the style of the old Soviet tricks involving female seduction of high profile figures for blackmail purposes. If he's really in the UK, I don't like his chances. I think he has shown directly and indirectly just how far the USA falls short of her ideals. The public response to that has so far been underwhelming but you've gotta believe that the younger generations are silent
  11. It'll almost certainly always require more energy to produce anti-matter than would be released from the annihilation with ordinary matter. And there'd be no energy benefit from nuclear fusion/fission using anti-matter over using ordinary matter. I don't think it's ever going to be of any practical use for energy production.
  12. In principle, matter and anti-matter are just as valid manifestations of energy. If all of the matter in the universe was replaced with anti-matter, we wouldn't know the difference. As there's no reason whatsoever that either type should be preferred, it's a mystery in science why one type has vastly prevailed in the observable universe as opposed to the other.
  13. Agreed. Far too specific. Maybe you could remove 'major firm' and use instead the term 'organisation of unspecified size'?
  14. Puts him in the shop window. If they intend to remove him from their squad list to free up a place for a transfer target, say, they'll be paying him for nothing anyway.
  15. Not really good enough for England IMO but I'd definitely have him here.
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