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  1. That’s all we can do. The opportunities are getting smaller for a team to compete regularly
  2. Obsessed with my club? Yeah, I’ve never stopped being a Sunderland fan, no matter how bad things get
  3. I’d rather you took 3 off Liverpool but VAR will make sure you don’t
  4. Because it’s a League 1 side that has a bigger average than most of the PL. that’s a great achievement, the club and the fans should be proud of it
  5. Exactly, out of the handful of teams that do get anything close to 40k most will never likely end up in league 1 never mind the ones that would lose a big chunk of fans so wouldn’t manage to attract that many. Out of all the clubs in England I’d say 5 clubs max. You’d be one of them
  6. I think you’re gonna make the difference in the title race. You’ll take point off one of them
  7. Nah, they get 2 people to reenact the incident live in front of them. Then they make a decision based on that.
  8. We all know that’s not true. We’ve not just beat the attendance records we’ve smashed them. there’s only a very small number of clubs that would have a chance of beating them. It’s another record we would rather not have, but we have them. having a go at 30k+ fans in League 1 goes against everything football fans love about the game. Especially the shite that’s been rolled out in the last 20 years, I’d say the attendance is the only good thing about the club right now
  9. This will be huge, get a big named striker in early and the rest will pay attention. Man City signing Robinho changed their whole transfer strategy. That’s the sort of signing you need early
  10. 🤣 I’m not saying it was anywhere near full but that’s before kick off. Before people get to their seats.
  11. “I wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days before you've actually left them.”
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