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  1. He's gone! Seems a strange time to resign after the election. Perhaps they were about to uncover something about him like the others?
  2. I'd have to say no just because of how far ahead of him the ball went... wouldn't have complained mind
  3. Lol "Tiote doesn't pull out of anything" - evidently not following recent headlines
  4. You know what's most annoying about all of this? The fact the commentator keeps saying cabell-ar
  5. Lol it's pre season don't wet your pants
  6. What's being sung in the ground? Am I mistaken or can I hear 'Adam Armstrong' in the song somewhere
  7. Amazing, Debuchy is my man of the match fantastic performance
  8. Tiote no idea what he was doing having to run back from there? Anybody know?
  9. Well done Williamson you prat
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