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  1. been watching it since the begining been hooked on it.
  2. must say bf1 is brilliant so realistic better than cod.
  3. i can sense villa scumberland shit holes and us to go down with norwich just surviving.
  4. knew it wouldnt take long for you lot to bash him though he deserves it like the sick fucker
  5. the hospital me and me mother got lost in when i had to go there to get checked out
  6. america is fucked if trump takes over my god
  7. im on bops 3 at the moment but i am lacking in games but some are ridiculous in price some are 46 quid which is a rip off.
  8. i got 12 months plus to so im hoping the free games will be good to.
  9. just thought id let you crazy guys know i got a ps4 from my brother if anyones wondering, got a 1tb model with black ops 3 included though my game collection is lacking.
  10. tragic gutted rip pav you were a legend thoughts are with family and friends.
  11. best get one new with a few games bundled i dont trust used ones as you dont know how they have been treated.
  12. na man utd is not my fav club at all newcastle is no1
  13. thought we did well againt united scary moments but did well
  14. are we linked with anyone else seen as we have thauvin
  15. still loved the man united match with the 5-0 score
  16. flaming useless today least scumberland shit heads lost to ahahahah
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