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  1. Disallowing the Madrid goal in the first half and missing the De Silva handball fits into this anti-English agenda how exactly?
  2. I thought nothing could top the stupidity Parky was spouting earlier in the thread, but 5 pages later you not only do that, but you do it in a way that is the equivalent of running a three minute mile. Bravo. A couple of boxes of fireworks and some dummies from the theater down the road chucked out a window.
  3. For the first season or so it has the "bad guy of the week" thing going, but starting from towards the end of the first onward it gives that up for overall season arcs, although there is still the odd individual cases, they all seem to end up having a role to play in the overall story progression or character development. Well worth sticking with.
  4. The Dark Knight Rises. Review? Yeah, I would probably recommend you go see it...
  5. Woah..... Burrrrrrrn That was almost as pathetic as the rest of your retarded contributions to this thread.
  6. And Anton's case of never actually hearing him saying it, even when Terry asked him after the match screams slam dunk conviction.
  7. India are the only one's who oppose it, and it's purely political on their part. The only reason umpires are against it is because it shows them up for what tools they are. Also, with your last point, play doesn't stop at all if they use the German system. If the ball crosses the line, the sensor goes off, the ref is instantly alerted and a goal is awarded. If the sensor doesn't go off, the ref will wave play on as the ball hasn't crossed the line. No stoppages. No, just no.
  8. Alex Ferguson also had his record of winning the Cup Winners Cup and breaking up the Old Firm with Aberdeen on his CV. What has Steve Kean got apart from being considered for an interview as a first team coach at Chelsea once and assisting Chris Coleman on his grand tour of failing at shitty English and Spanish clubs? I also don't think that in 1990 Ferguson held the lowest winning % for a Man Utd manager like Steve Kean does with Blackburn.
  9. Think he was caretaker when Keegan left the first time around.
  10. Except they are not, only Podolski and Klose in this German squad were not actually born in Germany, and they both moved to Germany at the ages of 2 and 7.
  11. Nice 7 figure pay-off for the remaining year of his contract, then off to the Arab Leagues for mammoth wages. Karma really is a bitch...
  12. Ashley Cole is a poor example IMO, one of the few who actually brings his club form to the International Level for England.
  13. Doesn't mean much, cops generally in these situations will swoop in, arrest anyone remotely connected with the ruckus and deal with the details later. Happened to a mate of mine who was walking home and got jumped because two drunk morons thought he was someone else, took him a week before the cops finally declared he was a victim despite CCTV footage and a nightclub line full of witnesses who said he was minding his own business and was attacked from behind.
  14. That's King Kenny level delusion right there.
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