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  1. New Strips?

    You can be sure.... A lot of snides come out of the same factories. My dad, my uncle and my Grandfather work as a bussiness agent in brands like Puma, Mizuno or Nike, and they have had to go to trials as a experts... and most of the fake shirts are 100% the same than the originals.
  2. New Strips?

  3. New Strips?

    Wait to see the Third Kit... In purple colour.
  4. The Entirely Reasonable Potential Transfers Thread

    But I hope he stays at Newcastle.
  5. Schar is playing in the middle as Midfielder.
  6. Yep. Celtic won Barça's Pep with 11%
  7. You see Pep giving advices and instructions in the minute break... Bruce walking in the side... And I hate Pep but...
  8. If we wins the game, I will cut my beard like Andy.
  9. Darlow starts.... Five in the back. Darlow; Manquillo, Schar, Lascelles, Fernández, Rose, Sean, Hayden, St Maximin, Almiron, Carroll.
  10. The most important match in recent years? I hope Rodri starts with them. The St Maximin-Almiron speeds can kill him.
  11. The Entirely Reasonable Potential Transfers Thread

    Vuckic is playing this year as a center forward and not as a attacking midfielder and he is doing very well. He has sign a deal with Zaragoza for free for the next year. Zaragoza is second in Spanish Second Division and the should be promoted for the next year.
  12. The Entirely Reasonable Potential Transfers Thread

    BILD published yesterday we are very interested in Lucas Hernández.
  13. The Entirely Reasonable Potential Transfers Thread

    mmmm. I don't believe that...
  14. And, in the best of the situations, the vaccine will arrive for everybody in more or less 2021 summer.
  15. I hope all of you be fine.
  16. It was unbelieve Atletico fans could be at Anfield when in Madrid there was lockdown and we only have permission to go shopping (food and necessary items). Anyway, It was a fault of every country and every League that waited until the end. Premier League wanted to keep playing until Artetas positive. If you have to destroy one season... The best would be destroy the next season. Try to play 10/20 when you can (septembre-october for example), Holydays and preseason in novembcer-december and Start a new season with only 19 matches per team (One leg) like happened in Argentina. Yes. This is a shit, but is the only why to be right with all the teams in this season... Places to Europe, Relegations, Promotions, etc. We have to adapt us to this circunstances because is a situacion like a War.
  17. I have been so many years trying to convince my friends to go Newcastle on Holidays as a pretext to see one match, to meet St. James Park, to be in the environment with all of you... Ok. The response that I have hear always was 'Nah. Newcastle... Is there nothing there. Is a bad City etc etc etc etc'. As the point.. I believe that. This summer, when I can go Newcastle at least, I was totally in love with the city. I don't know why, but as a outsider, I can confirm people has a bad idea that what Newcastle is as a city.
  18. Why we can't take de Saudi Money and other teams can do it? PSG receives directly Saudi Money, Manchester City the same. FC Barcelona, Arsenal, Real Madrid... All of them receives Money from Saudi Arabia and Qatar by theirs sponsorship. Real Madrid are trying to get Mbappe with money of the Qatar Emir. Chelsea and Liverpool get their Money becaus tho billionars companies that earn their money thanks to the oil. etc etc etc etc. Football today is a bussiness and bussiness is move to money.
  19. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    We have a problem. With all our guys fit, we have attack to play in 4231, but defence to play with 5 in the back.... Almiron should be play just behind Joelinton, with Atsu in the left and Saint Maximin in the right. How do you see to put Dummett in the left back again? Ritchie could play as a left back in a 4 man defence?
  20. Newcastle United is bigger than a man and a few players. Even, is bigger than the League situation. Yes, obviously, everyone want to win, etc etc etc, but at the end... it doesn't motter. NUFC is a feeling. When I was a child, I liked the team because the colours, the environment in the stadium, the players (Shearer, Solano, S. Taylor, Emre, Bellamy...) but really I started to support the team when I was 16 yo... the year of the first relegation with Ashley. For me, the important were you, the people, the city, the songs in the stadium... this is the real NUFC I feel. PS: And yes... You can support Atletico. We are more similars as a club than you think hahaha.
  21. With this two sentences, you can go where you want in Spain

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