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  1. Haha, I though it was the best chance to see the northern lights? when would you suggest?
  2. as close to the 1200 i can find, im going to get this after doing loads of research for a few weeks http://www.johnlewis.com/audio-technica-at-lp120-usb-turntable/p2025545?sku=234514390&kpid=234514390&s_kenid=76a47557-f0ba-4a98-b5b6-e8a005544245&s_kwcid=402x346692&tmad=c&tmcampid=73
  3. Week in New York in April, Glastonbury in June, Week in Albufeira in September all booked. Hoping for a euro trip in the summer and really want to go to Iceland in December.
  4. Anyone got any recommendation for a decent record player? and none of these shitty bookcase things
  5. City break with the lads in January to be booked this weekend (dirt cheap flights that month to everywhere it seems after xmas) probably Hamburg or Amsterdam then back to London for a couple of days, Week in NYC in April, Glastonbury then Algarve for a week 1st september then I'm looking at fucking off to AUS/NZ/Asia for a year or so this time next year because I'm fed up of England
  6. You might be interested in these kegler supers that you might get your hands on, I like them but don't wear white trainers much, I've got about 30-40 pairs of adidas all boxed, I'm a bit of a collector
  7. I thought the friday night was one of the best value for money line ups i've seen in years, love all 4 bands for £25 , gutted I can't get over for it
  8. I think I'm going to, a few mates are going, I keep thinking about it, probably sell out by the time I get round to buying a ticket
  9. I've been to quite a few gigs this year but I was too pissed to remember them, the worst being going to see Foals in Manchester, losing all my mates and my phone dying, missing the last bus home and sleeping on a park bench before getting the first train home and being caked in mud because I kept falling over in said park, moral of the story I'm going to take it easy in 2015. In terms of being impressed and I can remember it Royal Blood were really good so were Bombay Bicycle club when I was in Berlin. This thread just makes me sad at the lack of gigs I've got lined up, must correct th
  10. Just had our ryanair flights for Benidorm in March changed, only going for 3 nights and lose half a day because they decided to change they're route times ffs. Just bought myself a ps4 and 4 games and shit loads of ale for Christmas.
  11. First time I've been on since getting back First day got to Berlin and had to many beers and fell asleep when we went back to the hotel in Berlin City Centre, went back out for a walkbut couldn't find anything open and it was a completely dead everywhere (it was a tuesday night, don't think we looked hard enough, Berlin is bloody massive) 2nd day we got up sharpish and went on a pub crawl whilst using the metro a fair bit, ended up going walking round the government buildings and then found a ramones museum which was brilliant, found an Irish bar then found out Bombay Bicycle Club wer
  12. Going to Berlin & Hannover next week for Wolfsburg away, got 2 days in Berlin and one in Hannover the day after the game, what shouldn't I miss please?
  13. They were brilliant when I seen them, couldn't have asked for a better setlist: http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/manic-street-preachers/2010/liverpool-university-liverpool-england-2bd52466.html
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