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  1. You fat Greggs loving, pastrie eating, Byker, Waaaalsend, Walker, Benwell dwelling wankers looking forward to your cup final then? We've got a bigger game than this coming up against Everton, I'd rather we lose against you than lose in the cup quarter-finals. Keep dreaming wankers, one day you might be able to boast as much history and tradition as SAFC, doubt it though, unless an "Awab man leek wots bowt Man Shitty" takes root in that hotch potch half shed, half cliff of a stadium of yours. FTM.
  2. Could there perhaps be another Sunderland fan called Rhys? I don't know how to make youtube videos or upload them, so wind your neck in.
  3. What the fuck are you on about you fucking moron. Since the dawn of time players have moved around the country playing for different clubs, whereas said club's support come from the local area. Honestly, I thought the education was poor in Ulster but I didn't think it was that bad, as soon as you are ceded back to the Republic the better, hopefully we get rid of the other leeches (Jocks and Taffs) anarl.
  4. There is a difference between "out of town" and "out of country and on a different island" to be fair. I ive in County Durham which was/is Sunderland's County you Mag tramp.
  5. Oh please, what do you know about North East football? Stick to supporting Derry City mate. #1 He's from belfast #2 So am I #3 what would a smelly mackem tramp know about football? I've probably been to more Newcastle games than you.
  6. Oh please, what do you know about North East football? Stick to supporting Derry City mate.
  7. http://www.gazettelive.co.uk/news/teesside-news/2012/02/24/boro-pitch-invader-was-a-fan-of-newcastle-84229-30398297/2/ Your obsession knows no bounds.
  8. The man who vandalised the Cheap Shite Arena with his tacky paint. Have to say he looks like your typical Geordie, an inbred council house dwelling dole-waller with too much time on his hands.
  9. Love out like this. 4-0 you fucking Geordie mug. Aye, It's the best scoreline Sunderland fans have had all season innit Must admit its put a smile on my face. Sick of hearing silly Mags going on about the Champions League, hopefully this is a reality check to you deluded morons. No doubt though that after you scrape by another poor team like Villa by the odd goal we'll be treated to another wankfest over "one of the biggest clubs in the world" finally getting back to a position of prominence whilst bidding to win its first title since NINETEEN-TWENTY-SEVEN.
  10. Love out like this. 4-0 you fucking Geordie mug.
  11. Name his successes then? He got to a cup final once didn't he?
  12. Feared on Wearside? Martin O'Neill is ten times the manager the smug, slimey Cockney twat will ever be. MON achieved more at Leicester than Pardew ever has done or ever will do... and don't even mention their playing careers in the same breath. I just love how fickle you are, I was expecting Pardew to be taken out by a Geordie sniper when he was first announced as manager, now he's the best thing since sliced bread. This apart from achieving absolutely fuck all ever, except setting West Ham on their way to relegation before eventually managing to get Charlton relegated, before then ge
  13. On the contrary I was on the booze in Newcastle last night and have just returned home.
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