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  1. Surely the Reuben Bros must have looked at the club and thought how commercially viable it actually is. Easily affordable given their wealth, probably £100m to challenge for Europe, huge opportunity to expand their established interests in the region.
  2. My thoughts exactly, NUFC is just a side bet, the main pot is broadcasting across MENA
  3. This alleged Perez medical is taking a long time to complete
  4. If the club has been sold as reported (subject to 2 months worth of fuckin paperwork) then surely he can't be sold?
  5. https://twitter.com/dhalajmy His Twitter feed portrays him more of a Journo and Manure fanboy than a lawyer, also a lawyer would surely be bound by confidentiality craic?
  6. Bloomberg.com has NUFC listed as a recent aquisition by Bin Zayed Group LLC
  7. Hopefully the loan is for £140m leaving £160m as the sale price and he fucks off.
  8. Absolutely! Cracking player, far better than we have now...and only 30k a week more than Colback
  9. Everyone knows he's a gambling man, and will the loss of £100m really make that much difference to his lifestyle? Definitely not, It's a bet he's more than willing to take, and a bet he has decided to take long before January.
  10. Not cut adrift...yet! The teams around us have strengthened this month though, so it could be just a matter of time.
  11. It's official https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islam_Slimani?wprov=sfla1
  12. Gameiro would be my choice, I think he would hit the ground running.
  13. I'm 45, 5'9", 15 stone. I smurk tabs and drink beer, I could've scored most of them
  14. Prices aren't bad http://www.paradisehampstead.co.uk/assets/Paradise Hampstead Menu Complete.pdf
  15. Judging by her Wiki page, i'd say she is: "I'm just grateful to have been given the opportunities I've had so far. It's not about money — it wouldn't matter if I was making £8 million or £200 million. I just want to go to bed at night and shout "HOWAY THE LADS", before furiously finger blasting myself to photos of Shola
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