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  1. Goooodaftanoon madam.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LA3zhzT1wDo
  2. "Would you like a hand with your packing ?" Course I do you ginger cunt .
  3. beurth ! She's Fresh . a-h-ah. .exciting
  4. ^ Noticed yesterday that even the pink seats have lost their colour . Ashen .
  5. Who was it on here who had a mate who would dab his winky after a lag ? Sure they said he became known as Dabber Dour little Owen (and an at times overly-cocky Mcmanaman) aside I quite like BT Sport's coverage . Find it fresh compared to Sky's now staid formulaic guff . Thats 'fresh' as in new as opposed to funky-fresh ya'get'me ?
  6. https://twitter.com/nme_newcastle (..i know . . i know . . )
  7. like it Our season-to-season history under Ashley is a bit like the drinks cabinet globe wotsit on Alan Carr . Nervously appearing on his show we anticipate what's on offer once it's unknown contents are revealed . As we slump on his settee following the heady buzz of a swig of the 'chatty' plonk we're left with a sickly sensation . And his cock in our bums .
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