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  1. with CT's project pictures I always read there's an invisible full stop . It reads "..fuck it - that'll do" I can relate to this .
  2. Good point ! Spitting Image had the wit, insight and ability to shred some of the clowns . Now it's Jack Shiteall doing gags about "cr@zy Geordies wearing t-shirts in the Bigg Market ..... IN THE WINTER ! .... O.M.G. .*canned laughter fade up/fade down*"
  3. Makes Gomis a bit of a berk too if he was so keen on the move . Clearly doesn't come close to eclipsing the idiocy of our great leaders - if true of course . Seems like they're excelling in one thing anyway - namely yanking peoples' chains .
  4. Agree with all first paragraph Have I Got Fish For You . There's a real tiredness to HIGNFY (hard to explain - and achieve - given it's current affairs!) Similarly with QI , the well-worn merry go round of the panel show comics numbs it IMO . BBC seem to love to make some of them a ubiquitous presence . Jack Dee can fuck off n'arl .
  5. What . Static shocks aall owa the parish .
  6. T'was a hell of a job tucking me stones into those shorts mind . Something the Scouse sexbomb seemingly won't have a problem with there .
  7. What about 'in the bedroom' ? Ed - above was meant to follow on about where's COOL to don the nylon but has now ended up kinda out of context
  8. Any indicators as to the agenda for Wednesday Gene ? Read it was questions/topics in advance and that there'd be no speakers from the floor following Kinnear's pal facing the music last time .
  9. Was having my monthly craic with the window cleaner the other day and he was raving about Hannibal like. He's up on all TV series' going so I take his reviews as a good barometer . Obviously this is of no use at all but thought I'd share it with the group anyways
  10. @@Meenzer With the former I genuinely don't have a clue regards the target audience . I'm cynical at best but it's lost in it's own rubbish that . Didn't give Count Arthur a run out simply based on the trailer . I've read it was good on the radio but as with a lot of stuff in the BBC 'comedy' bracket I really can't relate to much of it unfortunately and like said, (all subjective obviously) but there's serious questions as to commissioning I rekon (and the reliance on canned laughter) surely. Lee Nelson Mrs fuckingBrown Mirandina They're wasting me time lads .
  11. Has anyone caught BADULTS on BBC three ? Dear me . Who commissions this fucking muck ?
  12. Box-headed little makemMicky Grey getting out-pundited on the women's football half time chat on bbc2 here . Found his level .
  13. Hey the way this fucking nonsense is going I'm gonna get a full face, body and balls tattoo and go and live naked in the wild like that leopard tattoo twat .
  14. It would have been better if this entire casino spat had been carried out via the medium of those Graphine videos imo .
  15. Went to Stakis (?) in town years ago when it was the done thing to take your passport along and join so you had an emergency late drink option . Pile of shit . A neon-drenched, souless ephemeral 'utopia' in reverse. Full of chain-smoking miserable micey Chinese chaps in torrid tracksuits .
  16. I'm pretty sure he was quoted at the time "coming over to Newcastle is massive for me . It means I will no longer have to do my poos into a fucking a hole in ze ground"
  17. Can't blame them really. Holloway must've eventually found his glasses .
  18. Previously hired one that condensed the moisture internally . Had a slide out tray that you had to empty timeto time .
  19. *wordtothewise* 'Cheap' topsoil comes with an integral assortment of free weeds so depending on the type of area you want it for might be worth paying the extra .
  20. I met him and John Hartson once in The Travellers Rest in Wideopen before a Wimbledon home game one Friday moons ago . Seemed a decent chap to be fair . Having said that, one hand was holding his pint but I couldn't see his other so I couldn't confirm or deny that Toots .
  21. He played Tosh in the long running copu-drama The Bill .
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