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  1. A new Newcastle forum has been started, any new members would be greatly appreciated : http://talkofthetoon.forumotion.co.uk/
  2. Anyone here got twitter? I'm @TheDimpleboy
  3. The good thing is that lots of people in level 7 are renewing together in leazes level 4 next season
  4. I was there against Everton and it was a disgrace, the singing corner were making all the noise and the rest of the ground was a morgue
  5. Gets quieter every game, god help us when the singing corner is gone next season...
  6. Im about to leave for the match now, im going for a 2-1 Toon win
  7. Might download it later, cant be arsed to mess on with money at the minute
  8. Aye think ill have words with them like...
  9. I was actually surprised considering they are season ticket holders, their reasoning was based around the fact that England were most likely to pull it off.
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