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  1. still waiting for intagram on android.....boooooo
  2. i always seem to have a fair few different things on the go... at the mo its Anathem - Neal stephenson - fantasy type thing but defs a bit of a slog Wheel of time book 6 - Robert Jordan - one of the most epic fantasy novels ever but i'm only on book six and book 13 has just come out... America Unchained - Dave Gorman - comedy road trip tale
  3. the new toon photo forum link as mentioned above http://www.skddigital.co.uk/npg/index.php#1
  4. as far as i know its very similar in setup to the beatcrime.info site set up in west yorkshire (where i work). its very useful in certain respects to allow focused service delivery by partner agencies but from a public perspective it shows where not to move house to due to scroteybag types;-)
  5. its a tough market to get in to! i'm a way off making a living from it just because its such a competitive place at the mo. there are a LOT of people trying to get money out of it. realistically all u need is an SLR and u can charge for wedding right...?;-) i do have a full time job other than shooting but i woudl also like to go pro but its not an option at the mo. as for helping out, yeah sure we can sort somethig out. i'm based in leeds for the next 6 months (hopefully) then moving back home soon after. best thing would probs to email me ( gavin@gavinforsterphotography.co.uk) and
  6. 3 flashes ;-) check out the portraits section of my website and all of the muay thai kickboxing ones are 2 lights, the ones of the blonde model was i theory 3 flashes too as it was 2 cross/back lit and a ring flash in hand... it just gives you options thats all. i started with 2 as i have a thing for a nice rim light (one fired behind to get a defined line round the model) like on the pirate shots you wil be fine with 1 and being honest a lot of semi-pros i know are going back to 1 light in the style of some of rankin's work....i'll find a link later for you to show what i mean
  7. i only set it up as a test to see if i can use it to promote my photography bits but.....i'm not sure how effective it is for that with only about 45 followers! still as ever im sure i'll learn eventually! tweetdeck is apparently handy but only downloaded it this week
  8. to be honest you can get RF-602's for the same price as a cord and will give you much more flexibility! i got a transmitter and 3 recievers for about 40 quid on ebay. u can buy individual ones for about 18 if i remeber right and then add to the set later. or you should be able to get a set of PT-04's (older model and lesser fequency so slightly less reliable) for about £15 for a transmitter and 2 recievers. soz for using codes but they are easy enough to find on ebay
  9. mmm i like strobism! are you sooting corded or have you got some wireless triggers? if you want any tips email me as i'm part of the Leeds Strobist group and we have about 150 people on the group so if i can't helop i will know someone who can!
  10. Should stick around the photography forum then and give us all some pointers i'll do what i can! been a little busy sorting my site and planning studio shoots this last couple of weeks! i have been meaning to put up a load of links and things i have floating about! (oh and i have to post them on the newcastle photos forum too as i'm sure there is a little cross over ;-))
  11. Gforsterphoto Mostly photography talk but the odd Toon bit too as I'm stuck down in Leeds and missing home....
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