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  1. When do the ...

    Don't worry. it'll be over in February as usual
  2. Putting up a dart board....

    I'd like to see SMO put a dart board up tbh, bet he's a right kack-handed fuckwit. Reckon his missus'll end up doing it for him, while he sits there watching house programmes and texting pictures of his cock. 119753[/snapback] I'll have you know I put a curtain pole up at the weekend, well my fatha did. I don't like to involve myself in such menial tasks tbh. 119816[/snapback] that has to be a euphemism!
  3. Glenn Roeder...a gentleman....

    aye. He should sort us out at the back at least... 118212[/snapback] You're joking! ...He'd leave us wide open! 118218[/snapback] Not a chance. As soon as a hole appearred, he'd plug it.
  4. Glenn Roeder...a gentleman....

    aye. He should sort us out at the back at least...
  5. Meet the Members..

    Real first name: Andy Nickname: Nol (online gaming Solano fetish) Age: 28 Occupation: Mortgage Advisor Location: The Black Country Language(s) spoken? English. GCSE French. I can say I am 13 yrs old in German Avatar - why? It's the 'fro Previous avatars? - Tell us when you first joined the boards? a fair while. watching, waiting and drawing my plans against you Board highlights? Durham crack whores Board lowlights? forum wars. What would you be doing if you weren't doing your current job? Running me own pub Pets? Greyhound, cat, a fish I play a bit like.... Marcelinho Football heroes? Pedro, Enzo Schifo, Georghe Hagi Football villains? Kevin Muscat, Graham Fenton Best advice given? never text schoolgirls pictures of me cock Ideal partner? 'er indoors Ideal dinner date? ? Ideal meal? Toad in the hole. Can you cook? oh yes Current wheels? Saab 900 turbo Biggest influence? Stella Artois TV programmes? 24, My name is Earl, CBeebies Burger and chips or fish and chips? Burger & Chips Chinese or indian? What do you order? Chicken Pathia Favourite tunes? Bob Dylan, Elliott Smith, Jeff Buckley Abi Titmuss or Jodi Marsh? Depends on if I can kill them afterwards and dump the body? George Clooney or Bradley Pitt? Clooney Favourite film? depends on the mood but I can always watch Goodfellas If I won a million pounds.... Buy a bigger house and make a nice retirement kitty Age first drunk alcohol? First drink? 3 or 4 i spose. Ever suspended/expelled from school? Nope Favourite insult? assorted F's and C's really Not a lot of people know that...... i have a photographic memory Most you've ever spent on an item of clothes? Few hundred on a suit How many pairs of shoes do you own? 3 I'm obsessed with..... obbsessing about stuff In 5 years time, I hope to be.... Out of debt and not too fat
  6. Marco Materazzi

    Put it this way, it left the bloke with an open gash on his face.... 115250[/snapback] I can think of a few guys on this site who would go to any lengths to get an open gash on their faces tbh.
  7. There maybe trouble ahead.....

  8. The Bad Taste Joke Thread....

    it took a long time to read but finally made me smile. Must try harder
  9. Emre not the messiah

    was anyone else thinking that this thread was going to tell us that he was a "very naughty boy"?
  10. Employment Law

    Does her contract not specify 'authorised absences' or some such similar phrase? 111100[/snapback] i don't think so tbh. the company has independant managers for each home, and very little centralised structure. It means that the majority of management are jumped up little fuckers who do things exactly by the letter of policy so they never have to explain anything. it fucks me off because my 2 kids have both got the same illness and with my wife working nights, i'm averaging 2 hours sleep a night, and my wife is only getting about 4 hours in the day. With the effect this is having on her immune system, she'll take forever to get over it, and i'll probably catch the fucker as well. And I start a new job in 2 weeks
  11. Employment Law

    Bit of background. My wife works in the care industry for a small company looking after brain damaged adults. The company that she works for has a policy that if you have 3 or more absences within ayear, you are liable for disciplinary procedure. My wife has currently had 2 periods of absence. She currently has a flu-like viral infection which is contagious. By turning up for work she is in breach of Health and Safety legislation, but she cannot not turn up for fear of disciplinary action. My question is, does this not constitute a form of bullying as she is being forced to break legislation under the threat of action that would jeopardise her future career. I understand the need for companies to protect themselves from pisstakers but surely this can't be right?
  12. Having sex when your lass is pregnant...

    I'm confused Do you both have pregnant better halves or are you fucking Wacky's missus?
  13. Mick's gone

    Just on the BBC website now. Sunderland have sacked McCarthy. Now, thanks to Freddie dragging his heels, we are the third most prestigious management vacancy in England. We'll never see Ottmar now
  14. Interesting quotes from Dyer...

    I'm a little disappointed by the above responses so I'll have to say.... It must have been Bowyer as he despised being associated with the left wing
  15. Craig Bellamy

    hope so, of course there will still be some, despite the certain upsurge in team performances, who would say we are "better off without him"...although I suspect most of them will keep their head down and be quiet ... 93583[/snapback] Not gonna happen until Shearer has severed his ties with the club though is it? 93584[/snapback] I suppose not. The irony is that Shearers outing of his striking partner [if true] cost him a real chance of him captaining the club to a trophy last season.... Or Souness, whoever it was, or both. Do you not think Shearer will leave the club in the summer ? 93589[/snapback] Was Bellamy the fella with the mobile then? "Wait a minute, then text me something about kissing my arse"

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