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  1. I bet it will go (edit: that sign Stevie mentioned). He's going to regard something like that as trivial.
  2. Ashley, and his company, regard Newcastle fans and our feelings as a nuisance. And operate accordingly. We've done it again Derek. I told you the Geordies are thick! St. James' Park by the way, get that fucked off in the morning.
  3. Is there any way we can stop Ashley? He's destroying the club, that's obvious. As far as he's concerned we're a handy sandwich board for SD. Staying away is the only thing that can stop him doing whatever the fuck he wants to do.
  4. We're third in the league Derek. Rub their noses in it a bit more for me cheers.
  5. Irish people (even ones who pretend they're geordies) and football
  6. You cannot possibly be a football fan if you're saying that. What a cunt.
  7. Is it fuck you useless mackem cunt. Absolutely no chance any genuine Newcastle fan would describe Keegan and SBR as failures. Boldon mug.
  8. No. Last time I renewed for three years was June 2008. I was full of optimism. Three months later I regretted it when Keegan exposed them for the lying cunts they are. All that's happened since has only reinforced that feeling. Not getting taken for a mug again by this shower of bastards.
  9. First post and an odd one I suppose. There are most certainly tellys in the Telegraph like.
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