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  1. just a quick bump, still got these tickets to shift
  2. JaMoUsE


    Im looking for a wedding DJ for my wedding next July @ Close House, Heddon. Any recommendations? Sorry to Andy for not contacting him about the photography, would have but my mrs had her heart set on some bloke called David West? Duno if youve seen any of his work Andy, he seems okay to me and with it being a wedding I had very little say in anything.... his site if you want a gander http://www.davidwestphotography.co.uk/ Back on topic though, still on the look out for a DJ, somewhere to get rings, flowers and a vintage wedding car. Think everything else is sorted. If you c
  3. Bottom line is pay day lenders encourage desperate people to lend beyond their means, with slack lending criteria. Its bad practise and we would have done well not to associate with the like.
  4. Regardless of what anyone says it just doesn't sit well with me. We are now promoting wonga to a global audience, the people who use pay day lenders aren't idiots like some would have you believe. Some are just families struggling to make ends meat who are living for the day and trying to deal with the consequences later, through desperation. I would go as far to say our association with them disgusts me more than anything else ashley has done to date. Too many people are being taken in by the sweetener of the sjp name chance etc.
  5. Still better than wonga, we are in no position to gloat
  6. Thinking about it, its more likely an announcement that wonga will be taking over the season tickets on their apr!
  7. Could be something could be nothing. My mate does away dugout security on match days, been called in to work today. Wouldn't tell him why, could be something they're expecting crowds for? Maybe....
  8. surely its a no brainer, you get the player back and have made 20 million profit. Sounds like ashley business to me. If we wont pay that money its a sign of the times ahead (mediocrity)
  9. Seems odd that its been announced midway through the deal, clearly wanting other offers
  10. Charity gambling, quite the gentlemen :-D
  11. haha just reminded me of shouting "yeboah" everytime i volleyed the ball at goal. Must have spent hundreds of hours trying that knee then volley in off the bar
  12. Is Smb like a parody account to try and start discussions about Sunderland so they can talk about how obsessed we are on rtg? The mind boggles
  13. Haha they were bought for me as a gift for herself....
  14. I hate Spurs and would much rather arsenal qualify for the CL but..... how much more interesting would a wigan win tomorrow make the last day of the season, with the battle for 4th and the last relegation place up for grabs.
  15. As per title really, my mrs has 2 tickets for the Robbie Williams concert that she cant use as we will be in Marrakech. Tickets are reserved seating and were 75 quid each. Would like to get our money back tbh. Give me a shout if anyone is interested. P.S this is sold out I believe
  16. Im gonna go all stevie on you's and say i told u swansea would do us a favour
  17. My bad, i must have misread your comment. I do however prefer to think of it as art rather than a skill
  18. More than likely that Wigan will beat Arsenal away? Aye, based on Arsenal being unbeaten in their last 9 that sounds like a reasonable assumption. I hope Swansea do Wigan over tonight just to keep the doom mongers quiet. Theres being realistic, then theres being 'rather silly' I think the latter might apply here.
  19. Silver linings playbook - awful , defo one for the lasses. Olympus has fallen - fast paced action, bit g i joe at times but entertaining and quite topical atm. Iron man 3 - decent, enjoyed it
  20. Swansea can still mathematically go down, man city next up after wigan too. I think (hope) they might suprise a few ppl
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