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  1. Aye. You'd be massive hypocrite if you only get you're Pardew out banner out if we start losing. Its not a game by game opinion to want him gone, its been formed over the past 18 months. Im all for having the banners out b4 kick off.

  2. Pardew playing Anita as the midfield destroyer in Tiotes absence has been a pleasure to watch. He then drags him off at HT as if hes done something wrong. Fucking poor bastards are all playing out of position and being told to adopt these ultra negative passing tactics. Stat from weekend saying we've made most passes in the league but 85% are made in our half or something. Hope Pardew stays til at least the Hull game, he deserves a good send off 😉

  3. These arseholes who work for the club, the press officer and people who do the twitter account - do you think they are total bellends or just really desperate for the job? You couldnt pay me 100 grand a year to be ashleys mouth piece spreading constant shit and ruling with an iron fist. Its laughable really.

  4. Went along this afternoon. Hatem was a class above the rest. Honestly looked in great shape, its a disgrace if pardew confines him to the wilderness when were not scoring goals. He was leaving some of readings young lads for dead in straight sprints and looked really fit. Sammy looked nowhere near premier league standard neither did bigi. Vukic was okay just lacks a yard of pace and Adam armstrong looked good. Always showed for the ball, decent link up play and showed electric pace. Shades of Bellamy when we first got him playing on the shoulder and missed a few chances just like him too.


    Jak alnwick must have came and missed every single cross by a mile, made a few saves but I think hes 21 or so now and will probably go to league 2 or so at the end of the yr. Elsewhere no other decent showings, bigi was mediocre and satko at cb looks far too lightweight.

  5. Shocking news Stevie mate. My mates dad who's 60 had been forgetting things and getting bad headaches for the last 3 month. He collapsed at work 4 weeks ago and was rushed into rake lane. Diagnosed with a brain tumour and they said there was nothing they could do. Next day he was taken to the rvi who operated that day. He's back home now on the mend. Stay positive fella and I'll keep my fingers crossed for tuesday.

  6. Had a great 4 nights in NYC. Flying down to cancun tomorrow for 10 nights at el dorado seaside suites in riviera maya(looks pretty swish). Loved new york like. Really is something else, I have found it really cheap with exchange rate being favourable atm too.

    Cycling round central park, speed boat to statue of liberty and maddison square garden tour the highlights of the trip so far.


    Really enjoyed the lion king but it didn't blow me away like

  7. In nyc atm. Central Park this morning then doing maddison square garden and later on the evening cruise to Ellis Island. Is there any eateries anyone can recommend? There's generic places hardrock, olive garden, bubba shrimp etc. Trying to stick with street vendor food during the day. There's some unreal gyro/kebab/meat places. Lion king is booked for tomorrow night

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