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  1. I think alot of people will be suprised by how many leave. Did someone on here say under a 1000? I reckon nearer 10,000. If we are losing add another 5,000 on.
  2. Why is the east stand going nowhere? I know atleast 10 people in the east stand leaving early.
  3. Are you sure? He started at left back for Holland once, and played the majority of his time at left back for Ajax. Either way he was brought here as a CM. My point is that too many players are getting played out of position. Im sure a few weeks back at the match we had 3 left backs on at the same time - Dummet LB, Santon RB, Haidara LM.
  4. Without sounding arrogant, the problem is theres too many people who go that dont have a very good understanding of football. They dont know the difference a good manager with good tactics can make to a team. They are more likely to side with Pardew and say its the 11 on the pitch who are to blame etc. We have a team of decent international players who are being played out of position (see Gouffran(lw), Anita(rb), Sissoko (RM), with no visible tactics other than slow painful buildup then lump it forward. The corner and freekick situation is a farce and that must come from the pardew an
  5. you might want to have a look on here CT, was hijacked on rtg. http://www.readytogo.net/smb/threads/newcastle-fans-plan-protest-walk-out.912234/
  6. Sorry if this offends anyone, but im going against the grain. Praying for a big Cardiff win, puts more pressure on Pardew and bad for the mackems.
  7. A mate of mine heard from a bloke in his local pub that Grekka Drilling was going to be an absolute gold mine. He put over 10 grand of his savings based on this 'bloke from the pubs' advice. Think he paid 30 odd pence a share. Its currently on 12p a share 12 months later. Im pretty sure he was told it would be at least a quid a share by now. very glad i didnt take his advice and invest. http://www.lse.co.uk/SharePrice.asp?shareprice=GDL
  8. He's an example of how far we've fallen under Ashley/pardew. The fact he's seen as acceptable depresses me no end. I find it worrying how there is large scale discontent and anger but collectively there's no voice. We have learnt to accept lies and mediocrity. Sad times
  9. Like the way he attacks set pieces? His pace? His reading of the game? Oh...
  10. Aye but atleast I was able to appreciate it for the shower of shit i knew it would be. I was also close enough to Pardew for him to overhear my abuse without directing it at him in an overly aggressive gonna get thrown out kind of way.
  11. Watching Williamson is paintful. I dont have anything against the bloke he just isnt a footballer. Looks so uneasy and unnatural on the ball, the amount of times he plays it out for throwins because he isnt good enough to take a touch and play it to someone, likewise the long punts too foward.
  12. To the contrary. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2582489/Everton-coach-Kevin-Sheedy-blasts-Moyes-showing-no-clubs-youth-team.html 'Everton legend Kevin Sheedy has launched a scathing attack on David Moyes, condemning the Manchester United manager’s attitude and tactics. Sheedy, who won two league titles during a 10-year playing career at Goodison Park, is Everton’s Under 18 coach and has worked at the club’s academy since 2006. He took to Twitter after United’s 3-0 defeat by Liverpool on Sunday and pulled no punches as he claimed Moyes ‘never took any interest in ou
  13. "6 points off the title in december". You sir, are a grade A turkey.
  14. Dummett will be playing league 1 in a years time. Paul Huntington mould. Williamson has been average at best. Because people know he isn't premier league standard he gets an easy ride. Those sand wedge esque clearances to neebody were back in full swing on saturday
  15. When ben arfa goes in the summer it will be to a champions league team and he will undoubtedly thrive
  16. Dummett, williamson, shola and gosling all getting game time. Not because they deserve it, but because they are not part of the growing mutiny. The truth is those 4 would struggle to find decent championship club.
  17. Gravity, 80 minutes of my life im never getting back.
  18. Ct. A few pardew issues, forget where we were in the league once upon a time. 1. Why is our best player currently in France and can't get in the team anyway . 2. Why did we play 4 Centre forwards on saturday. 3. Why does dummett get in ahead of haidara. 4. Why did he have 3 left backs on last week. 5. Why did he consistently play santon only to Haul him off every match. 6. Why can't marveaux get near the team. 7. Why does Mike Williamson get in ahead of a 9m french international cb. 8. Why do we persists with these shit floated set pieces. Hes an abominat
  19. worst atmosphere I can remember at a game in years. nobody cares anymore and the biggest disgrace about it is, nobody even cares enough to make a stand. Hardly a mumble of discontent.
  20. My weekends used to revolve around our matches. Now I frankly couldn't give a fuck, 3-1 stoke.
  21. Just seen this. Cheers, didn't go to the match on saturday as I was at the grand national. Canny day but quite expensive like. A vastly better way to spend the day than getting wound up by the predictable shit dished out by all involved up at sjp
  22. That sunderland - west brom game could be massive
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