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  1. Are you lot serious? starting a thread about that? I read it and laughed then thought nothing else of it, if it offends you that much you should probably mail biffa and tell him.
  2. got my bolton tickets on friday morning
  3. Top Three: Man U Chelsea Liverpool Bottom Three: Boro Sunderland Derby Best Buy: Geremi One to Watch: Van Persie Carling Cup: Newcastle FA Cup: Chelsea Champions League: Man Utd UEFA Cup: Some1 from Champs League
  4. I heard a rumour Curbs and some of his West Ham pals were bragging in a casino about how it was a bargain and Dyer was worth far more than that price, unfortunately for them Some of the newcastle board were there too and took exception to it hence this fiasco. This would make what sams been saying seem more practicle about "curbs starting it" etc.
  5. He hasnt signed yet? I wonder why the big hold up. Really shudnt take this long to sign an out of contract player shud it?
  6. Tbh i thought he was awesome today when he came on. Boo-ing him was shocking really. I think hes a great player for us. I just think hes got the hump cos allerdyce wants to use him as a right wing back so he wants to leave. He isnt a complete midfielder which is what allerdyce is looking for. On another note N'Zogbia was great second half if i had to choose one i'd defo keep him rather than dyer so heres to the zog staying put
  7. nah i defo wudnt be using it like
  8. i have 2 tickets but am not going. Just need to keep my Away points up nice and high for sunderland away
  9. teamtalk says we have bid for for DIarra. http://www.teamtalk.com/football/story/0,1...2445627,00.html not sure its a great idea. he didnt start for lyon last year was only a sub, and if its true it must mean butt dyer or emre is leaving, i think hes a def midfielder so more likely butt. I havnt seen alot of him really so i cant comment but the idea of him signing doesnt fill me with joy i must admit
  10. its all down to personal oppinnion really. Would you rather have 1/2 million or shola as backup. I would rather have him on the bench tbh
  11. lol its pointless even posting on this topic as too many people already have made their minds up on shola
  12. Aye, I cant stand people slagging off Shola all the time. So quick to get on his case but also the first ones to jump and celebrate if he scores.. Not so long ago he was being linked with an england call up, When he was injured last year and martins played by himself it was obvious the difference he made to the team as we were far more threatening with him than without.
  13. We need alot more than that.. but realistically thats more probable. well another decent centre back and a good left back then mebes another average centre back. Might need 2 left backs seenas babayaro is going to wham
  14. Another centre back and a left back to go
  15. Ok seen as posts just dissappear these days... I dont think baba will be here next year! and I also think Baines will sign . Lots of love I deleted it, and as a Northern Rock mortgage holder, I'd like to think that client confidentiality means something to some people. whats northern rock ?
  16. Ok seen as posts just dissappear these days... I dont think baba will be here next year! and I also think Baines will sign . Lots of love
  17. Good to see Darren Bent turn down West Ham. Even though they offered £75,000 a week, who says money is everything? I dont think he will be at charlton next year though. So where is he going? I think maybe Spurs if Defoe leaves
  18. If newcastle get Ben Haim and Rozenhaal who would you start? Personally i cant see them both coming in as I dont think any of Taylor Haim or Rozenhaal would be happy sitting on the bench...
  19. Havnt heard confirmation of his signature seems a bit of a delay. Does anyone know anything?
  20. cant believe no1 has mentioned Owen?!?!??! englands number one?!?!
  21. teamtalk goes with Hammers target Toon man Parker West Ham are understood to have made a bid for Newcastle captain and England international Scott Parker. But the Hammers' offer is thought to be considerably less than the £8.5million which has been reported. knew it wudnt be so high
  22. I wonder if some of the people who comment on here have ever watched newcastle play. I agree Parker is awful. he runs round in circles i'd of taken 5 Million for him. But.... Emre is actually a very good player, the problem with the newcastle under roeder was ..... No-one bar Milner and Emre could actually beat a man one on one. Hence why we scored so little goals. Parker and Butt couldn't take anyone on nor can nobby and even duffers cudnt. If you cant beat your man you limit your chances of scoring so much - you just have to wait for a nobby through ball that is inch perfect. An
  23. Im gutted that allardyce is going to be the manager. I can honestly say bolton play the least attractive football to watch i have EVER seen. Im not anti Bolton what-so-ever i am just of the opinion that if im going to pay £590 every year for my seaston ticket i at least get too watch good attacking football. I will never ever cheer if we win a throw-in near the opposition box as big sam had going at bolton like wise with corners..... ha in my opinion allardyce is a complete gamble to bring in. hes done a great job at bolton with little money. He has taken ageing players past their
  24. haha Im just on my way to shearers now for the comedy night, i could have told you all he was getting fired 2 weeks ago before allerdyce quit. I work at northern rock head office and the director of my department told a few of us we had already arranged a deal with allerdyce. The club has to inform Northern rock of all the shizzle thats going on. so anyways the director of the department told us all to go down the bookies and hoy as much as we could on allerdyce so atleast ill pocket a few quid. I would of told yous but lets be honest none of you would have believed me hehehe money mon
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