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  1. Half of the players just didn't look like they cared towards the end. Pardew's subs cost us though no shock there really as on the whole his choice of subs and when he makes them are normally crap. Still don't see why he kept Shola on and took Lovenkrands off... Shola couldn't hurry to save his life and was also puzzled why Ferguson came off as he had played really well. And would rather have seen Kuqi on than Best. But oh well first season back we have done well just gotta hope now Pardew doesn't buy a load of rubbish this summer.
  2. Yeah they did! Kevin Nolan's little kid was the star of the show. Was worth staying just to see him running in the opposite direction and Joey Barton having to go get him. I think they took far too long to come out and made people more annoyed than what they already were. Didn't see Coloccini come back out mind.
  3. Enrique, Kuqi and Steven Taylor ones are fake. Carroll one is a parody. Look here for official list of players NUFC Players on Twitter
  4. I think if Enrique goes Jonas and Colo will be next. They all seem very close off the field and they all have ambitions to win things. Don't get me wrong I am not saying we are never going to win anything but sometimes I think you can't blame players if they want to leave us as do the current board really have any ambition for us to win trophies and such? If they go it will be a loss in my opinion but I would be more worried about who would replace them, as don't have much faith in Pardew's transfer targets and even on Ashley splashing the cash!
  5. As much as I hope he stays I think he is pretty much gone. If he really wanted to stay he could of said it in the interview. For me he can go anywhere just not Liverpool. Would be better if he went abroad but think he loves his cat and dog too much to bother with all the quarantine rules if he went abroad.
  6. Very true, makes you very grateful for what you have and puts lots of things into perspective when you see how brave Jack is.
  7. Understand about not covering paid advertising up. Nothing stopping the banner being shown for a few minutes before the match on the pitchside. Yes, NUFC do alot for charity and I understand they can't except every request but it wouldn't have hurt them to allow the banner to be shown somewhere for a few minutes, plenty of other clubs did.
  8. I just want to make it clear I have no issue with any Newcastle United staff. I know plenty of people who work there. The issue I was trying to make was why the club as a whole could not use some common sense and allow a banner to be displayed for a very ill little boy
  9. Haha think you have it about right there!
  10. Is scandalous the ticket increase for the big games and is silly in my opinion. £25 for Wolves and to sit in the same seat it is £42 for Man Utd. I was expecting an increase but not one as big as that! It will probably still be a sell-out even though it is on sky.
  11. Yes the stewards were just doing their jobs but for NUFC to actually refuse to allow the banner to be shown anywhere is disgusting! The difference being this banner was for a very sick little boy. And it would not of hurt someone at NUFC to use some common sense and accommodate the banner somewhere in the stadium. There was banners at loads of football grounds and Preston North End even put up a display on the big screen.
  12. A lot of you will be aware of little Jack Marshall from twitter. He is a 5yr old boy fighting cancer and a brain tumour. He loves football. I have been following him on twitter for a while now, and the other day someone came up with the great idea that football fans should take banners to the match to get Jack noticed. The Wolves fans made him a great banner and put it up at the match but sadly it was taken down by NUFC staff. I have since found out that the Wolves fans actually got their club to officially contact NUFC earlier in the week to get formal permission to let them display J
  13. Saw this whilst shopping the other day. Think its taking things a bit far really and not to sure about the flavour- vanilla and blackcurrant!
  14. It is really sad and makes you think how lucky you are! It also gets me how we can fly to the moon and stuff like that but can't find a cure for such terrible diseases.
  15. Hope it is going to be better than the nufctv stuff they have on the website where you can pay to watch it. Would be good if it was free but bet its like chelsea tv and man utd channels where you have to pay a monthly subscription to watch it It definitely would be good to see the reserves and the academy matches though, as I know Man Utd put them on their channel
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