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  1. please do not let that idiot at the top of the page cloud your opinions on the toon ultras. when im over at matches i usually stand up with them and they are a crackin set of lads with no alterior motives but to bring the atmosphere back at games. one of the main reasons they moved to the corner for cup games was to get away from the 'charva element' of our support who just wanted to abuse the away fans rather than support the team. theyve organised a number of positive meetings with the club and last week against man.utd marched in support of safe standing areas at football stadiums.
  2. so whats the best of these pre match bars to go to now? jacks, beyond, sports cafe, mood, players valts? another year, another manc match we'r coming over to see. want to make it a good 1 pre-match anarl cos more than likely match will be as let-down
  3. aye, i heard theres a good geordie bar there. ive heard bad reports about how the irish are recieved there by the english/ulstermen. is that a load of crap? Wear your toon shirt, you'll be fine what month and at what age did you go at? we're probably going to have to wait until end of august once uni clearing is finished. hope it'll still be busy
  4. aye, i heard theres a good geordie bar there. ive heard bad reports about how the irish are recieved there by the english/ulstermen. is that a load of crap?
  5. It's my last year in school this year and a load of mates and myself are looking to go on holiday next summer. We're looking for a destination(club/party scene) that is popular with people aged 18/19 (basically places most of you guys know to stay away from). There are obvious places like Gran Canaria and Ayia Napa, but can you guys suggest other places? Cheers. ps. Where did you go when you finished school?
  6. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- just back from my 3 day adventure in the big city so i thought seeing as youse helped me in the run-up to the trip i thought it would be only fair to give youse a wee review. MONDAY: new years eve plans went out the window as we faced an 8 o clock flight to newcastle that morning. the 8 of us gathered outside the airport at 6.45 and proceeded to check our bags in and on to the departure lounge. Was shocked to see the amount of toon fans that were travelling over and i got speaking to man who said he travels
  7. whats the words to the song mentioned above. i get lost in translation unfortunately
  8. im 16 and am aboot 5"3. been small all me life and have waited every summer for my growth spurt. all but given up hope. best i can hope for is 5"5, 5"6 at a push
  9. lol youse boy have cracking memories. i thought id waited long enough to ask my next question no but sure fire me the over18s pubs aswell i have tremendous faith in my id, my accent and my charm to get me in/served
  10. wer u think. newcastle obviously whats the strawberry like on matchdays. plenty of singing and banter?
  11. im going over in january to watch the man.utd game so i was just wanting to know a few tthings before i went best pre-match pub (atmosphere, singing) best stand to sit in (i know your all going to say leazes L.7 but for a person who comes over twice a season is it worth my while. can u get a good perspeactive of the whole pitch and not jus 1 half) best restaurant(price, quality etc) best nightclub
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