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  1. 1. im stuck in work 2. im bored 3. i hate the identy and passport servce 4. i got my season ticket yesterday 5. i now own a corgi called sami
  2. Djimi

    I'm back

    i was being sarcastic
  3. wooooo comments! -- how sad, first comment from myself =P

  4. Djimi

    I'm back

    place looks same as ever, dead
  5. bangor got in the playoffs premier division here we come
  6. stiff little fingers - walkin' dynamite
  7. you dont see, kids playing out till around 10pm in the summer anymore all to busy playing there computers
  8. Frisco V Ice MC - Think About The Way
  9. The Fratellis - Everybody Knows You Cried Last Night
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