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  1. Yeah, that was the wtf moment in this thread...
  2. Damien Duff. More so because of his injuries at the start, than the goal with Aston Villa...
  3. 1.92 meters, 127 kilos (I think that's like 6'3"smthn' and 280smthn'). Currently dropping weight like crazy because of a high blood pressure problem...
  4. Ben Arfa can play in Lovo's place. He won't press up as much but he'll create a lot more. He's played 2nd striker before, with great results...
  5. I watched Red Riding Hood 2 nights ago with the gf. I was seriously contemplating breaking up with her VS going to watch that crap... Seriously, if you have to watch it, wait for the rifftrax...
  6. Williamson is a good player (for a Championship side) and Taylor is very talented (as he was 5 years ago). I wish we would go for a CB...
  7. I wouldn't say "overshadow". His play is intense, sure, but he's not unproffesional (a.k.a. he's no De Jong). You either train it out of him (can be done), or find a good substitute close to his level of play (not Guthrie, not Alan).
  8. Center Back: -Simon Kjær from Wolfsburg (will cost about 5mil.), the next big thing. Similar type of player to Olof Mellberg. Strikers: -Kevin Miralas from Olympiakos (depending on the contract he signs will cost anywhere from 4.2mil to free). And just because there has to be a splash transfer this summer -Edinson Cavani from Napoli (will cost more than 20mil.) -or Tomáš Necid from CSKA Moscow (will cost more than 12-15mil.).
  9. Greek commentator said that Tiote's hair AND overall performance renders him "Mr.T-like". I don't know what he'd been drinking, but I'm going sober for about 3 months now and I don't see it...
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