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  1. Its like something from the playground, the judge should tell them both to grow up and fine them for wasting the courts time and public money.
  2. It will be good to see him bounce back.
  3. very good summing up wonder if he would have ever questioned one of Collinas decisions.
  4. young striker ... may be worth taking a punt on Jordan Rhodes.
  5. I`ve seen him play twice this season for MK Dons against Huddersfield, even in league 1 he looked out of his depth.
  6. the matches weren`t played in Soweto though, nearest was Ellis Park which is central Johannesburg. Don`t let me put you off going to support the Toon.
  7. Beware if you intend going, Pirates and Cheifs play in Soweto ... not a friendly place to be if you are not a local, in fact even if you are a local, apartheid may be dead but so will a white face be stepping in there without an armed gaurd.
  8. http://www.chronicle...72703-30950026/ Manager of the season, guess we all doubted the appointment but you can`t take away from him the progress we have made this season.
  9. It certainly is, at the time there was a newspaper that had done an interview with Budgies wife and she told them he slept with the keepers gloves on and with a football in the bed and gave interviews in his sleep to Gerald Sinstead, I asked her if it was true or if the reporter had exaggerated and she confirmed it was 100% right. nice bloke but mad as a ships cat.
  10. Cattermoles quote is one of the funniest things I`ve heard in a long time, Frankie Boyle must have written that for him as a wind up.
  11. My missus used to work for John `Budgie` Burridge when he had a sports shop in the newgate centre, had to go to his house in Durham one monday night, he was watching a game on sky, sitting in his living room with his football boots and keepers gloves on, bouncing a ball on the floor .. also went with him to toon v Chelsea game in the players lounge, met Keegan and all the players and Sir John Hall, bumped into Phillipe Albert in Jimmys .. nice bloke and Huge, talked to big Jack in Fitzgeralds, good crack. Have met Bobby Moncur, and was very pleased to meet David Craig in his newsagents shop in
  12. David Craig , best right back ever, hugely underrated.
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