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  1. No, not at all, actually I have vague recollection of something like that now you mention it.
  2. I did nearly throw up infront of them all like, someone bought me a shot of whiskey, and I hate the stuff.
  3. I was in the VIP bit, not the main club, so I wouldn't have heard. BTW, whats Kaliber?
  4. I did tell Ashley to sign Riquelme, so if we get him you can all thank me?
  5. The 320 bit was just when he bought the champagne, which he left on the bar and told us to help ourselves. It was vile. Mort was a well nice bloke too.
  6. yep, I met the big man last night. Smith top on, with Ian who said he was his bodyguard, I have photographic evidence on my mates phone. I was nearly sick off the crystal, sadly I can't remember much.
  7. Girlfriend?! Probably shouldn't post that, bit harsh on the lad.
  8. Mark

    First dates

    Just use rohypnol mate.
  9. Mark


    Shola up top away from home, untill Barton comes back, then Smith can play upfront, and Barton fills in where Smith is.
  10. Mark


    Probably because Viduka is wasted in a 4-3-3. He is too isolated to link up with anyone.
  11. Yeah but I don't have a ticket. I dont wanna go all the way to Newcastle and find out i cant get a ticket.
  12. I'm in work tomorrow till 3, so I'm cutting it a bit thin. Might have to give this game a miss, I didn't realise the prices were that steep.
  13. If I wanted to get tickets now, how would I go about this?
  14. She looks like Pete Burns in the second pic. TBF she is standing next to Tito Ortiz who is probably about 220lbs
  15. Arteta is one of the best centre mids in the Premiership, he would cost a fair bit. Straight swap for Emre I say....
  16. He got me up the duff like.
  17. Nah, Dyer doesn't have any STD's apart from possibly Clamidya
  18. Aye, they could link up amazingly like, but Tevez is awesome, he like a poor mans Viduka.
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