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  1. Bayern are laughing now ... did we say 7million for luuk? we want 15 ....
  2. Anyone else look at the bench? no amalfitano, marveaux or obertan... Sammi has played well but looks exhausted, push santon up and bring on haidara!
  3. Di Canio Said he will "conquer Europe with Sunderland" ..... Starting with Poland one presumes.... I'm quite glad with the appointment, 1 more reason to hate Sunderland and also finally gives my avatar some relevance to the Toon
  4. Ya he can be frustrating at times. Getting booked(or red carded) every other game this season, still a fantastic player however he's just been no where near as good as he actually can be this season.
  5. Im very concerned about our fifa rankings in fifa 14.... its nice playing as newcastle and winning the league without buying anyone (other than a cb of course...)
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