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  1. yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ba come on thank god
  2. haha sunderland lost as per usual, wheres bruce to blame now?? oh and gutted about the news on taylor thats all we need..injuries
  3. lets just move on, tbf before we played the three big games we were expecting defeats..now after the 3 games i dont think we played that badly, so should hopefully be back to winning ways next week
  4. Don't think so. thought so...man i feel so gutted, we shouldve scored some of those chances
  5. was taylor even on the pitch for the last two goals?
  6. this is shit, no wonder why the mls is soo behind in footy, no sound in the match, stadium less than half full, what a joke, plus we're not playing all that but still i cant believe i feel so bored watching this
  7. where exactly is this game being shown? i cant seem to find it on the orlando website
  8. Sunderland have a great owner, have their best team arguably in living memory, were unbeaten against the the best 5 teams at home last season, have signed 9 decent players this summer. While Newcastle sold their best young striker in years, have been deliberately lied to, have been relegated, had managers that have been sacked for no logical reason, have been taken the piss out of, have been proven in court that they are held in contempt by the owners, have no clear long term plan, will sell their best players when the optimum value time is right, and are largely directionless. Yet still 800
  9. Thanks! Glad ben arfas ok we cant afford to have him out this coming season aswell
  10. Hey im new to this forums, whats the score in the match? thanks
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