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  1. I like you Rayvin... wanna hang out? wait... you are probably afraid I'm gonna go all crazy :/
  2. To my defense I've missed most our winning games this year. For some strange freak reason, everytime I see us play we tend to lose... I saw the Palace game, but other than that I don't think I've seen any winning games in 2014.
  3. Newcastle are a bitch who needs to be slapped and tortured.
  4. Most of the things you say are just recycled old statements, pointless, useless, weightless shit that will only make your brain shrink to raisin level if you keep doing this over and over.
  5. How do you "get micro chips"? Explain that picture for me... retard
  6. They deserve it. We are shoeshine boys compared to them... actually we are not worthy of being in the same league as them.
  7. With that dick it's not easy to tell what you are either, micropenis.
  8. So retarded people have their own forum, it's called toontastic.net.
  9. Retarded, he don't like the word retarded. That's because he is one.
  10. Quality of me? Who cares. Island dwelling hobbit. You are lame Howay, lame and shit.
  11. you are so obviously a retarded island dwelling midget
  12. Choke on my dick and eat my shit you insect
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