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  1. 2-1 win to us ... I'm thinking a late winner
  2. Brown hair. And yes, I find gemmill entertaining. Been is past tense. Being is Present and continuing.
  3. Most definitly not. I've also been signed up long enough to know how photos and photoshop work on this forum!
  4. Haha already got my own place... Dad needed the spare room for gym/astronomy/homebrewing etc
  5. You're right there. Dont think he has any hatred left in him. It's completely reserved for jonas.
  6. No need for bans! He's just scared my opinions will be preferred to his... Obviously.
  7. Daughters gone to the loo and Ieft her phone and I have just discovered her toontastic name!!!! Give her a warm toontastic welcome 😉 CT
  8. Which pub is everyone meeting in post match?
  9. Texas


    Also downloaded this - looks very good
  10. Texas


    Tried this and came out bloody lovely! Thanks.
  11. Texas


    Hot pan / griddle.Oil then season the steak (no oil in pan) than chuck on pan / griddle for desired length of time. Turn halfway through. I'd google for suggested cooking times for your preferred taste. Rare, medium rare etc.
  12. Texas


    Can any of you culinary geniuses advise on the best way to cook a sirloin steak?
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